Leaders Do The Right Things

“Reputation is made in a moment. 
Character is built in a lifetime.”
~ James Leggett 

“Lots of people can get the job done.  Industry, science, education – each profession has its stellar achievers.   Personal competence is not a rare quality these days.  Newspapers and professional journals chronicle the personal best of these dedicated men and women.  But personal character is becoming rather elusive.  Like the biblical Esau, some professionals have traded the inheritance of their reputations for the pottage of dollars and cents.  They’ve become day traders, bartering the wealth of the eternal for the pittance of the temporary.

“if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,” the ancient leadership adage demands.  But leaders of character are more concerned with doing the [...] Continue Reading…

Leaders Rub Shoulders with Great Leaders

“Anyone who influences others is a leader.”
~ Chuck Swindoll

“If we are known by the company we keep, then the company we keep ought to inspire and invigorate us to greatness.  Leadership is not just learned by scanning words, sentences, or paragraphs in a textbook.

It is grasped by the mind and spirit of those who search for it in the lives of others.  Aspiring leaders recognize the importance of keeping company with those who have chosen to excel.  They listen to them, watch them.  They seek them out.  Their words and actions fall on their spirits like drops of moisture on a thirsty sponge.

Aspiring leaders acknowledge that the achievement of others offers a key to unlocking their own excellence.  They [...] Continue Reading…

My 9 year old made $207.02 in 5 minutes last night on the Internet… (Wanna know how?)

He loves working with Dad!

I know it sounds funny, but he’s been really wanting to get involved with what I do with my home businesses.

I really enjoy fostering the ideas that he can become whatever he wants, have whatever he wants, and do whatever he wants when he values working hard and having integrity. I want to EMPOWER him to go for it! Have fun! Care for others! And live a joyful, prosperous life! It is all in God’s greater plan and can be mysterious at times, whether you’re young or old. Helping him understand that is easier said than done… Parenting is the hardest job in the world but so worth it!

So the other [...] Continue Reading…

3 Different Ways to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

YouTube Preview Image
==> Click here to learn how this incredible mentor of ours has achieved success in Network Marketing <==
Yes, There Is More Than One Way…
We’re going to be talking about 3 different ways to achieve success in Network Marketing.

We believe that everybody is different and that each person has a different personality to do things, including business.

By the way, we are Ramon & Salendra and we’re excited to be sharing this with you!
Success in Network Marketing = Success in Sports?
You might be wondering why we say that success in Network Marketing is like success in sports….

Well, I (Ramon) had played basketball for a looong time so I understand team work, skills and roles in the game.

If you ever watched some sort of [...] Continue Reading…

3 Simple Secrets When You’re At The Largest Party In The World (aka Facebook)

You ready for some straight talk about Social Media and Facebook? I’ve shared this idea on many a webinar that I’ve presented on over the last couple of years, yet very few, I MEAN VERY FEW EVER DO THIS!

And I don’t know why? Are people scared? Do they not feel that they have value to bring to new relationships? Do they feel that they can only interact with others if they are going to “pitch” them some biz opp or something? I’m not sure, but today I’m going to share a short video and a few key things to consider.

If you take this to heart, I am confident that you will soar to new success in your online and [...] Continue Reading…

The “I’ll do it with you later…” List

This is a short and to-the-point post today. It’s directed to all the moms and dads out there… whether you’re an entrepreneur or not!

Do you have a “I’ll do that later with you…” list of things your kids have asked you over and over to do and you’ve put them off?

My challenge to you is to get busy and accomplish some of them and check them off… Share what you’ve done with one of your kids that’s been haunting you to do with them. Share the activity that you did together down below…

And be blessed in the process!

A great video for Dads and daughters…
YouTube Preview Image

PS Please ReTweet and Facebook Share this post if you feel it’s a powerful reminder to [...] Continue Reading…

Top 3 Reasons Testimonials Reap Big Rewards

As you put yourself out there and start to learn new things, start offering your help to those in need that are open to your knowledge.

I can’t count the times that I’ve spent connecting with people in Facebook and Twitter and then gotten on the phone or Skype (karyrogney) with them and then helped them with some marketing strategies or guided them to tweak their tactics to improve their results with their business.

It’s really fun and I was able to create a new friend in the process!

For you… after you’ve given some of your best content and ideas and time freely to them, make sure and ask them for a short testimonial. With it you promise to put a [...] Continue Reading…

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