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Twitter and #FollowFridays: “What Has Happened?”

followfriday_yourusername_dark_t_shirt-p235588632815263364tmn7_210Have you noticed the Twitter craziness on Fridays? It’s fun and exciting, but also can be a lot to sort through… it’s too much!

For those of you that don’t know what this is all about… on Fridays people recommend people to follow. It’s about as simple as that…. but….

There are so many #FollowFriday recommendations that it is on the verge of being overwhelming…

In this short video I share my thoughts on how to simplify this activity and make it more meaningful to my followers.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a bit of your day with me.


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Twitter… Turning Tweets To *Gold*

twitter-logo-iconI’d like to start you with a quote…

The Law of Receptivity: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. (The Go-Giver Book)

“Ya, so?” You may be saying to yourself.

Well, let’s really think about this for a moment. If you have the opportunity to lift someone up, help them out, give them kuddos… you are going to be very appealing in their eyes, aren’t you?

On Twitter there is a POWERFUL feature that many overlook using. I think they don’t think about using the RT (ReTweet) feature, because they are fearful of promoting someone else!

Have you noticed how much people self-promote? The spam? The link dropping? It’s crazy and rampant.

Do you want to stand out and look different in the crowd? Of course! Then do what most people won’t do… Give, help, support others… and it will come back to you 10 fold.

If you do it with the truest of intentions to GIVE WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS OF RECEIVING BACK… YOU WILL BE BLESSED.

Connect with me on Twitter!

Wishing you all the best,

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How To Do A Personal *Video Message* On FACEBOOK (A Lesser-Known Strategy)

Are you someone that REALLY wants to make an immediate GOOD IMPRESSION and BUILD A NEW RELATIONSHIP when meeting someone new on FACEBOOK… especially through a person email message? Social Media is the fastest way to meet more people right now anywhere!

Take a look at this short video on how to do a *Video Message/Reply* (the right way) to someone on FACEBOOK.

Don’t overlook the HUGE tip at the end that will separate your video from the rest… if you apply what I teach you…

And make sure and look me up on FACEBOOK right after viewing and commenting on my video. I really appreciate you taking the time to come by my blog!

We’ll talk again real soon!

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Thoughts To A New Entrepreneur

CB026240Invest in yourself!

Educate yourself in strengthening your mindset. Secondly, marketing and advertising strategies will be high on your list of priorities. And most of all, focus on growing as a ‘person of value’ to the world. If you do this… in whatever field you choose… you will find yourself head and shoulders above the rest of the people fighting and clawing to squash each other in the rat race of the corporate world!

No where else and at no other time in history has there been as great an opportunity as there is now to take advantage of the economy and the Internet. Marketing information, products, and services through highly natural and authentic targeted markets have become simple, easy and fun if you’ve laid out a solid foundation.

You need to be open, transparent, and true to yourself. Learn how to serve others, and how to authentically build your value, so that people beg you to be in their company or to partner with you.

Surrounding yourself with successful, influential people and putting their needs ahead of your own will create a vacuum affect that will transform your income and the way you think and act. Believe me, your actions speak much louder than your words. Be a leader by your example.

I’m envious of the exciting road you have in front of you. And I wish for you the wisdom and insight to make the very best decision that’s right for you and your journey.

I believe in you. You’re going to do great things!

*Key* Filtering Strategies On TweetDeck

tweetdeck_iphoneDo you find yourself lost in the eternal flow of messages flying by you on Twitter? I know for me it took months to get up the confidence to jump into the conversations. Once I found TweetDeck it all changed for me.

I found that I could do so many more things with TweetDeck that I couldn’t do on the main Twitter platform. I mostly wanted to be able to really know what people were saying and follow all of their threads without spending hours online waiting for their ‘Tweet’ to come by.

What do you want to know how to do?

Want to know how to ‘key’ into specific people and what their conversations are with their followers OR what others are saying about them? I’m going to show you two ways to easily do this that are simple and easy to do. This will make your Twitter experience a lot more fun!

If you’d like to learn more social media strategies to leverage the power of the Internet, then you’ll definitely want to subscribe to my Video Training Bootcamp on the upper right side of this page.
Check out this short video and leave me a comment below!

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The SECRET* To Accepting Friends On Facebook

FBSo you see that someone has requested you as a friend on Facebook. “Oh goody, someone likes me!” you’re saying to yourself.

The first thing that is natural to do is want to click that ‘Confirm’ button right?

But DON’T!!

Say what?

Yes, DON’T… You want to do it correctly, don’t you? This is a time to stand out from the crowd. You’ll notice in the video that only 10% even do it the right way in requesting you as a friend.

Check out my short tutorial and you’ll see what I mean. Please also leave me a comment, thanks!

Dont’ forget to subscribe to my Video Training Bootcamp that will show you how to maximize your time and return while using Social Media sites.

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Creating A Vision To Live By

519RKRQNPXL._SL500_AA240_Happiness Is A Choice represents the cutting edge of Barry Neil Kaufman’s evolving teaching, focusing on empowering our moment of change, the moment in which we can make self-acceptance, inner peace, joy, and love immediately tangible with these easy-to-use tools. Bears (Barry) Neil Kaufman offers a gentle, yet powerful, way to jump through a lengthy “process” of change right into action.

This book takes us step by step on a journey to increase personal power, sharing the same techniques that participants use at The Option Institute. In his work over the years, Bears has observed that people who are most successful in finding happiness share certain traits. He has used these traits to create, in this book six Shortcuts To Happiness that you can begin using immediately.

Happiness Is A Choice is filled with moving and inspiring examples of people taking roadways you too could follow – mapped by those who have chosen happiness, peace of mind, and love as a way of life. Many of these people used the tools presented in this book to heal troubled relationships, to revitalize stagnant careers, to deal with sickness or stress, or to infuse new vigor into their lives.

This book will change your life. A book to cherish and to share…a book that will ignite the healing process.

Article Source: The OPTION Institute

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