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Top 3 Reasons Testimonials Reap Big Rewards

As you put yourself out there and start to learn new things, start offering your help to those in need that are open to your knowledge.

I can’t count the times that I’ve spent connecting with people in Facebook and Twitter and then gotten on the phone or Skype (karyrogney) with them and then helped them with some marketing strategies or guided them to tweak their tactics to improve their results with their business.

It’s really fun and I was able to create a new friend in the process!

For you… after you’ve given some of your best content and ideas and time freely to them, make sure and ask them for a short testimonial. With it you promise to put a link back to their blog below their name. They help you and you help them.

Recently I read an article that had a good suggestion as well. It said to have people write about some of the early observations about you that weren’t all perfect and then have them write about this dynamic shift in skill, helpfulness, or character they’ve witnessed at the end. It will come across more believable and authentic. Something to think about as you write your own or have others write about you.

So the Top 3 Reasons Testimonials Reap Big Rewards in my book are…

  1. Builds New and Solid Relationships
  2. Creates Stronger Social Proof
  3. Attracts More People to Want to Work Directly with You

Please take a moment to add some more benefits to the list in the comment section below. Thanks!

Today’s very short video example talking about Testimonials:

YouTube Preview Image

Next time we will get into how to choose a theme and a tag line for your blog.

Yours in support and mastery,

PS Testimonials are easily forgotten or ignored as important to the beginning blogger or entrepreneur. Don’t miss out on this simple strategy to quickly build your credibility as an expert in your niche.

And if you haven’t by now, go over to and get your blog ordered and set up for your own online traffic source.

How A Blog Can Help You To Be A Top MLM Enroller…

Oh, the network marketing opportunity on a blog… How do I share it? Where do I put it? Do I use company generated information or not?

There really are a lot of options when it comes to sharing or getting people to contact you for information about joining you in your network marketing business. I’m not completely convinced that there is one way better than another…

From my own experience I had very little success with hiding the identity of my company and having them contact me for more information. Maybe I was too new to the online scene or didn’t have enough traffic or a following yet? I’m not sure…

But what I do know is when I “Featured” my product and company on one of my blog pages, I started getting calls and emails almost immediately requesting more information. Many people signed up right away from this process too. In fact it worked so well that through my blog and the network of people I had established online I became the top enroller in my first online company during the second month I was with them, 8 months later I earned a FREE BMW with another company… and recently have gone from 0 to 450+ global partners (36 personal recruits) on my team in under 6 months!! Doing it 3 times now proves it was no accident.

Maybe it was my own posture and mindset, or enthusiasm for these unique products… I’ll never completely know why. But I do know that I didn’t have them flashing all over the front page of my blog. You wouldn’t ever really know what my main business opportunity is unless you went digging through my pages. I think that’s more attractive to most people nowadays. People don’t want to be sold on things, but they love to buy!

So I guess in my simple little way I did find a way that worked for me. I found a place that felt natural to house my business opportunity, and I linked out to enough information to allow people to dig a little deeper… if they so wanted to.

And make sure you make yourself available to chat with people! Don’t hide behind your web copy. Get out there and shake (virtual) hands, help people, ask questions, and listen to people… I’m constantly on Skype or the phone. Make it a habit for yourself, too!

What have you seen out on people’s blogs? Is the way they market their biz opp attractive to you or does it send you running? Find what feels natural for you and go with it.

Next time we will get into the powerful features of WordPress plugins. They can either be your friend or foe, and I’ll share why.

Today’s very short video. As you’ll see my “Featured” page has changed. No problem… That’s the beauty of the ever evolving blog. lol

YouTube Preview Image

Yours in support and mastery,

PS There is a fine line between being transparent and being pushy when sharing a business opportunity on your blog. The true goal should always be to build your marketing knowledge and leadership credibility first. People ultimately join people in business not companies and products.

Blogging For Beginners: “What is the best way to set up my blog for people to contact me about my products and services? “

This is one part of blogging that you’d think is a ‘no-brainer’… but believe it or not I’ve actually been to some blogs where I couldn’t find a phone number or even a way to send a message to the blogger??!! Weird…

Isn’t the goal of having a blog to attract and have people contact you to join your business or to buy your products or services? How in the world are people suppose to ask you questions or get more info if you don’t make it overly simple and obvious to do so?

You can decide for yourself if you want to give out your phone number or not. I do and have had people be shocked when they reached me at my home number and not reach a recording or something.

My goal is to talk to as many people as possible. I don’t buy leads, so the next best thing is to have people call me, right? Well, that will only happen if you don’t scare or chase people away by selling your potions, pills, or lotions in their face.

By making it easy and by having attractive or magnetic content on your blog you truly have the opportunity to be a top producer for whatever you decide to market on your blog. I have been month after month for my main business opportunity and most people contact me through my blog for more info or just message me that they’re ready to get started. Pretty simple in my book as long as you give them a simple way to do so.

YouTube Preview Image

Don’t over look this basic and important component to your blog.

Here for your success,

PS Being easily accessible is really important, and having a place like a blog as your hub of all your online activity is crucial. As more traffic flows to you and the more you give in value with your content, there is no way around not attracting people who will want to join you in business.

As you can see on my right side-bar I also have a way for people to call me through my Google Voice number, too.

Blogging For Beginners: “How Do I Create Social Proof Quickly When I’m A New Blogger?”

Social proof is powerful and not something to overlook as a new blogger. When people land on a website with hundreds of people in a Google Friend Connect Box or in a Facebook Fan Page Box for you, it immediately gives you more credibility.

It’s kind of like a guest book at a bed and breakfast. If you take a look at it and it’s full with lots of messages then you feel confident that you’re making the right decision to be there. The same holds true for these side bar widgets that you can install in your blog.

Like me you’ve probably visited blogs that look and ‘feel’ like a ghost town, right? There are only 3-4 people in their Google Friend Connect box and you’re thinking that it’s probably that blogger’s spouse, mom, and brother helping them out… The one sure way to get yours rockin’ and rollin’ is to get out there and join other people’s on their blogs, make friends with other bloggers, and learn how to drive traffic to your site through strategic syndication alliances (your tribe).

Here’s how you add the Google Friend Connect… essentially you just set up a free account, click on ‘members gadgets’ and copy and paste the html code into a ‘Text’ widget on your blog… (Go to ‘widgets’, drag and drop the word ‘text’ over the right sidebar, copy and paste html code with any title you wish).

It’s that simple. There are many features with these that are extremely powerful, but for now get them up on your blog and start meeting the people that are taking the time to say, “Hi, I was here.”

Today’s very short video:

YouTube Preview Image

BONUS #1: Setting Up Google Friend Connect

YouTube Preview Image

BONUS #2: Setting Up Facebook Fan Page

YouTube Preview Image

Coming up we will look at how to create a comment friendly environment… It’s about growing a community right on your blog.

Yours in support and mastery,

PS Some of these people that are on my Google Friend Connect and Facebook Fan Pages have quickly become some of my very best friends in my entire life. Hard to believe, I know… but true! I speak with many of them daily or several times per week. If it weren’t for having a blog, that definitely would not be the case. This is where we hang out too…

Blogging For Beginners: “How Can Tribe Syndication Bring Traffic And Social Credibility To My Blog?”

One of the most creative and most effective marketing strategies I ever did was to create a graphic ‘blog roll’ page on my blog called ‘My Tribe.’

This page alone has had thousands and thousands of views and has helped bridge new blogging alliances for content/tribe syndication right from the beginning. Because I went out there and made the first move to promote others, many of these bloggers were willing to return the favor and also gladly promote my content all over the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

This in turn has brought me over +59,796 page views in the first twelve months of my blog. I never could have done that without my tribe syndication network. I highly recommend doing this right away even if you don’t intimately know that blogger. It sure is a great foot in the door to open up that relationship for further joint ventures as well.

Don’t forget to get out on their blogs and comment, retweet, and interact with them, too. It’s natural for many of them to feel compelled to reciprocate those actions. It’s so simple and yet VERY wise to put this plan into action.

The idea of forming tribes around social media and blogs is catching on and for good reason. I’m sure you’ve heard about forming tribes for content syndication. If you have not… the idea is you network with a few people to promote each others content. There are many benefits around tribes and rapid exposure is just the start. But before we get into that I want to share a story of how this tribe was founded.

Earlier this last summer I finally came to the realization that I was going to start a blog. I had put off this concept for over 3 years. Many people would tell me to “Just start one.” “You need a blog to get your message out there.” “There’s a lot of money to be made by blogging.” All good points but I had my doubts.

Could I create a blog and provide enough content to keep readers coming back? How often do I need to keep feeding this blog thing? Do I need a technical degree to set it up? And the biggest question we all face is… How do I get traffic? So many questions… but I finally took the plunge and got a blog started with the help of a few friends.

As I was looking around at many different blogs I realized that some were just empty. There was no life, no energy… no community. I knew that I would face the same issues. How to get traffic? So I figured that if I had these questions, others did as well.

So I reached out to several people and proposed a blogging alliance. I was looking to create a mastermind group of a few people who would comment on each others blog and “buzz” each others content. Social Tribes for content syndication was born.

It was not hard to find a few people who caught the vision and wanted to play ball. They are all over the social media sites. Most of them are busy promoting their own content. However there are a few who seem to be climbing the social sites faster than others.

As I mentioned earlier this concept was the main goal at the time. Since then we have realized that there are many benefits to having a mastermind group that is focused on helping each other. And many incredible opportunities and joint ventures have sprung from our alliance.

There are 5 of us now in our blogging alliance. We all have different skills and talents. By pulling these resources together we have a long term vision to support and teach people the power behind content/tribe syndication and social media.


Within 12 months I had over 807 subscribers, had two dozen new business partners (savvy Internet marketers, too), earned a Black BMW Car Bonus with my company,  have made thousands in bonuses and commissions, have had people calling and paying me for personal mentoring, was asked by the president of a network marketing company to lead all social media training for the entire company, and much more!

This has all happened… not because I’m anything special… because I took MASSIVE ACTION on the activities that my coaches told me to do!

I can’t imagine marketing online without a TRIBE by my side and without them watching my back.

Today’s very short video:

YouTube Preview Image

Next time we will get into ways to boost you’re social credibility and proof online.

Yours in support and mastery,

PS The online Tribe Syndication community is a treasure trove of knowledge and friendships waiting to be made. Once I had my blog up and running, I easily found other bloggers to create a mastermind alliance with… This is a great place to start…

10 Tips for Giving Your Writing Authority (Blogging For Beginners)

Experts generate their reputation through research, exposition and analysis. They are worthy of citation and trust from others within their field both on and offline. How do you write authoritatively? Here are ten successful techniques.

1. Do your best

As a reader, you search for immersion in what you’re reading. As a writer, you want your readers to follow your work from beginning to end. Crafting the best words takes time. Edit your work. Before submitting your piece, make sure that it has been proofread one last time for improper word usage and grammatical errors.

2. Be confident

Authorities remove words like ‘seem’ and ‘hope to’ from their work. They choose the right expression for the meaning that they wish to convey. Replace ‘because of’ with action words. ‘I am angry because of traffic,’ becomes ‘Traffic infuriates me.’ Passive voices need to be eliminated.

3. Use quotes

Quotes lay the foundation of the author’s work for the reader. The authority takes the time to find a quote which perfectly fits the situation as well as shows humility in placing others’ work within the body of their piece.

4. Write sparingly

Use as many words as you need to make the point, but no more. Word counts are not as important as expressing your point as clearly and concisely as possible. Your work should have nothing out of place like the newest Ferrari. Authorities know how to stay on topic and can convey their meaning with as few words as possible.

5. Use personal stories

You are the expert and have a library of stories to tell. Engaging your readers with personal anecdotes enables them to develop a rapport with you. These stories should be well positioned and thought provoking, emphasizing the primary points of your work.

6. Metaphors and similes

Metaphors and similes engage your readers and illustrate your salient points. By engaging your reader’s minds, you further reveal your understanding of their needs and situations. With metaphors and similes, you create visualizations which are inherently more potent than the mere discussion of facts and figures.

7. Statistics

Statistics will add to the air of authority. They show that you took the time to research your work and come up with a fact or figure that is relevant and enticing. Do not make something up while you search for the most outlandish statistics to cite. Using statistics increases your authority.

8. Focus on benefits

Readers want to get something out of your work, be it entertainment or information. Keep this fact ever-present within your mind, using every available word to convey something of value to your reader. Your goal is to keep your reader riveted from the catchy headline to the call to action.

9. How To lists

Use a how to list whenever possible. Readers are looking for the quick and easy answers, and a concise how to list can meet those needs. Take the reader by the hand and lead them into understanding. For marketing purposes, add a catchy name to your list of steps: make it the ‘X’ plan or the ‘Y’ project.

10. Write about what you know

You can tell when another author’s knowledge is lacking. Authorities in the field do what they are writing about and possess experiential knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. The experts can casually make comparisons to historical events or create parallels to different fields.

Writing with authority comes with practice and patience. Read works which you consider to be authoritative within your fields of interest and emulate their style. Keep writing, and you will cultivate your reader’s trust. Soon, you will be cited in others’ works and have authors in your field coming to you for advice.

James Adams is a full time writer and applied to be a guest writer here on He writes for a UK based store specializing in ink cartridges where he covers the latest developments in hardware and new releases such as the HP 300XL.

Blogging For Beginners: “What does it mean to have a personal brand?”

Use video and personal pictures as often as possible. When people see you and hear you, you become more familiar to them, which furthers your ‘Brand’ in their eyes.

Trust is built through increased transparency. Rapport is created. And ultimately influence will transpire through this process.

Isn’t it true that you feel like you know certain people you’ve watched in videos online? They almost become a friend in your mind, and you feel like they ‘speak to you’ and understand you better than people you see face-to-face.

This is POWERFUL, POWERFUL stuff! Don’t neglect or shy away from this component of blog building. Many of my coaching clients and students jumpstart their confidence with taking a 30-day video challenge. Challenge yourself to shoot one video each day for the next 30 days.

Some will be ones you want to put up on Youtube… others won’t make the cut… and that’s OK. The purpose of it is to get over any barriers you may have toward getting your ‘mug’ in front of a camera. Now get out there and do it! It’ll be the best marketing decision you can make.

Don’t forget about going out and getting a domain name with your name in it or something similar. I’ve seen or as examples. Set up you hosting account with a company like Host Gator. You can choose a hosting package and many offer WordPress as part of the set up process to make things easier.

In Closing…

Remember, creating this ‘personality-style or social media’ blog is extremely important and will be the best decision you’ve ever made for your online marketing… it was for me! This is the place where I got my personally branded blog set up for me.

And I’m sure you can guess who helped me launch my successful blogging career… Katie Freiling! Well, what’s cool is that you can learn from her the way that I did and even learn from her powerful Manifesto that she recently wrote, right here.

Today’s very short video:

YouTube Preview Image

Check it out and I’ll be back next time with more powerful, essential components for launching your own personal branding hub… called your blog. Remember you can also subscribe to my blog and receive my “21 Blogging Essentials” Newsletter and Video Training Series absolutely F.REE!

All the best,

PS Katie really has out done herself with sharing her knowledge in her Manifesto… Just take my word for it and check it out:

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