Thoughts To A New Entrepreneur

Invest in yourself!

Educate yourself in strengthening your mindset. Secondly, marketing and advertising strategies will be high on your list of priorities. And most of all, focus on growing as a ‘person of value’ to the world. If you do this… in whatever field you choose… you will find yourself head and shoulders above the rest of the people fighting and clawing to squash each other in the rat race of the corporate world!

No where else and at no other time in history has there been as great an opportunity as there is now to take advantage of the economy and the Internet. Marketing information, products, and services through highly natural and authentic targeted markets have become simple, [...] Continue Reading…

*Key* Filtering Strategies On TweetDeck

Do you find yourself lost in the eternal flow of messages flying by you on Twitter? I know for me it took months to get up the confidence to jump into the conversations. Once I found TweetDeck it all changed for me.

I found that I could do so many more things with TweetDeck that I couldn’t do on the main Twitter platform. I mostly wanted to be able to really know what people were saying and follow all of their threads without spending hours online waiting for their ‘Tweet’ to come by.

What do you want to know how to do?

Want to know how to ‘key’ into specific people and what their conversations are with their followers OR what others [...] Continue Reading…

The SECRET* To Accepting Friends On Facebook

So you see that someone has requested you as a friend on Facebook. “Oh goody, someone likes me!” you’re saying to yourself.

The first thing that is natural to do is want to click that ‘Confirm’ button right?

But DON’T!!

Say what?

Yes, DON’T… You want to do it correctly, don’t you? This is a time to stand out from the crowd. You’ll notice in the video that only 10% even do it the right way in requesting you as a friend.

Check out my short tutorial and you’ll see what I mean. Please also leave me a comment, thanks!

Dont’ forget to subscribe to my Video Training Bootcamp that will show you how to maximize your time and return while using Social Media sites.

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Creating A Vision To Live By

Happiness Is A Choice represents the cutting edge of Barry Neil Kaufman’s evolving teaching, focusing on empowering our moment of change, the moment in which we can make self-acceptance, inner peace, joy, and love immediately tangible with these easy-to-use tools. Bears (Barry) Neil Kaufman offers a gentle, yet powerful, way to jump through a lengthy “process” of change right into action.

This book takes us step by step on a journey to increase personal power, sharing the same techniques that participants use at The Option Institute. In his work over the years, Bears has observed that people who are most successful in finding happiness share certain traits. He has used these traits to create, in this book six Shortcuts To [...] Continue Reading…

Part 1: The 10 Vital Components for the Most Powerful Network Marketing Funnel on the Planet

Today we’re going to talk about something VERY important.  It’s something that can make or BREAK true success in your network marketing business.  And it has to do with a variety of factors. (Many of these notes are taken from a training put on by Jonathan Budd.)

First things first…you have to know yourself!  You have to know what mediums WORK WITH YOU to build a network marketing business.  You have to take into consideration the different pros and cons of the methods to build your business…and then pick the mediums that are most optimized for YOU to create success.

What I mean is this…

If you’re a SMOOTH talker, great at influence and persuasion, networking, and prospecting out of your warm [...] Continue Reading…

Seven ‘Lesser Known’ Strategies For Social Media

Last year I had no idea what a social media site was. I heard people at work talk about MySpace this… and MySpace that… but I really had know clue what they were talking about.

Wow, how times have changed! My curiosity really got the better of me as I imagined millions of people meeting, connecting, and sharing ideas on the Web. As I started plugging in to the social media sites to get a taste of the ‘flavors’ out there, I started to notice one UGLY thing every where I went.

I’m sure you know what I’m about to share… Yes, people self promoting their links, opportunities, and products everywhere without any regard to getting to know me personally.

This is [...] Continue Reading…

Just For Today

I just started reading this to myself (with the goal of living it) each day to focus on my most important priorities and not get caught up in the busy-ness of life. You can copy and edit it for your own daily mindset.

Just for today…

1. I will trust God; deepen and live out my faith.
2. I will choose to display a joyful and right attitude.
3. I will tangibly love and respect my wife.
4. I will care for my family and home.
5. I will learn, know and practice healthy living.
6. I will practice and develop positive thinking.
7. I will support my wife as she manages the home and schools our children.
8. I will determine and act upon important priorities.
9. I [...] Continue Reading…

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