Promote Yourself…

“Want some eggs with that SPAM?”

This may sound a bit funny, but this is no joke… Are you serious? You want  ‘Me’ to spam your blog?  It’s true and I’m asking for it…

In the Social Media ‘Scene” spamming is the ultimate ‘No No’… It can literally be reputation suicide if you go out there on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Myspace and just spam your link without providing any real value.

But I thought it through and figured I’d give you a ‘Safe Piece of Real Estate’ to go for it right here on this post… Go for it! Let the world and community know who you are and what inspires your passion for life!

We won’t tell… There’s nothing wrong with [...] Continue Reading…

The Go-Giver Book

Day 1

Hello My Friends,

Kary here. I want to invite you to go through a book with me that I am going to re-read. You too may have read it before… The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

You may be asking… why, what’s the big deal about this book. Well, I hope you see as we get into it or as you grab your owncopy.

This book is one of my TRUE INSPIRATIONS for how I conduct myself in many aspects of the way I live my life. While many times I fail, I know that by revisiting and practicing the reshaping of my mind I will get to a point where I’m  experiencing more joy, success, and happiness. [...] Continue Reading…

Welcome, Friends!

It is obvious and evident in the news daily that many people in the world are struggling financially and are looking for a way to build a home business. Whether extra income is your motivation, spending more time with your family, or being able to just do the things you are passionate about in life, just know that you have the power to “Manifest” any dream you may have.

True EMPOWERMENT comes with the realization of your inherent power and the knowing that you can do anything you put your mind to.

I have struggled with home businesses in the past, not because I didn’t have the interest, energy or drive, but because I didn’t have the right vehicle for [...] Continue Reading…

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