Blogging For Beginners: “How Can Tribe Syndication Bring Traffic And Social Credibility To My Blog?”

One of the most creative and most effective marketing strategies I ever did was to create a graphic ‘blog roll’ page on my blog called ‘My Tribe.’

This page alone has had thousands and thousands of views and has helped bridge new blogging alliances for content/tribe syndication right from the beginning. Because I went out there and made the first move to promote others, many of these bloggers were willing to return the favor and also gladly promote my content all over the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

This in turn has brought me over +59,796 page views in the first twelve months of my blog. I never could have done that without my tribe syndication network. I [...] Continue Reading…

14 Truths To A Life Of Financial Wisdom

I know what you’re thinking… I’m going to go into a long monologue about the necessity of joining a network marketing company or having a blog or doing Internet or social media marketing to live a life of Financial Wisdom, right? BUT I’M NOT!

There’s a simple reason for that…  ‘most’ people (97% of the public) have no business going into business for themselves. They don’t have the right mind set, or the fortitude to stick with it, or to be teachable, or the strength to see it through to the point where financial freedom shows up.

So… what I’ve put together here today is a list I gathered at a seminar (by James W. Rickard of the Stewardship Services Foundation) [...] Continue Reading…

The #1 Secret To Manball Mastery…

Have You Heard Of Manball?
My buddy Nick Logan edited my video footage of when we were at Jonathan Budd & Aaron Fortner’s home in San Diego this past March.

Always remember that getting some valuable group training from your main mentor… can’t be beat…Especially when it involves getting schooled in MANBALL! lol I’m looking forward to your commentary on the FUN.
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10 Tips for Giving Your Writing Authority (Blogging For Beginners)

Experts generate their reputation through research, exposition and analysis. They are worthy of citation and trust from others within their field both on and offline. How do you write authoritatively? Here are ten successful techniques.

1. Do your best

As a reader, you search for immersion in what you’re reading. As a writer, you want your readers to follow your work from beginning to end. Crafting the best words takes time. Edit your work. Before submitting your piece, make sure that it has been proofread one last time for improper word usage and grammatical errors.

2. Be confident

Authorities remove words like ‘seem’ and ‘hope to’ from their work. They choose the right expression for the meaning that they wish to convey. Replace [...] Continue Reading…

Are There Any REAL Leaders Online?

Now let me come out right up front and say, “Yes, there absolutely are leaders online. They might not be as obvious to find as we think though.”

The challenge is to find them, tap into their greatness, learn from then directly, and then create something lasting and significant for yourself within whatever industry or niche you’re in.

Who are they? What characteristics do they possess? Where can you find one to learn from and get mentoring from? How do you not get led astray by marketing hype and tactics and miss out on the long lasting, truly effective mentors that aren’t so flashy or noticeable online? Is this even possible?

I believe it is possible, but you may have to search [...] Continue Reading…

“Take 5 With The Tribe” Face To Face With Faith Barnard…

Have you had the fantastic opportunity to come “Face To Face” with people that you’ve met online that live out or your region or country? I’ve had several occasions this year where I’ve been able to spend some REAL QUALITY TIME connecting offline in San Diego, Las Vegas, and now MY BACK YARD! I love what has been evolving within my virtual world of online relationships.

Yes, I speak to many new found friends on Skype (karyrogney) and get on the phone on a regular basis. When people say that you don’t need to do that kind of stuff anymore, I SURE DON’T AGREE! All of my joint venture partners and business relationships have grown and blossomed by ‘speaking’ and [...] Continue Reading…

Top 10 Reasons Why I Use Katie Freiling’s Unified Tribe Syndication Platform

So it’s been over a month now since Katie Freiling launched her much anticipated Unified Tribe Syndication Platform. I had been eagerly waiting for it for over 6 months and when it became available I was eager to jump in and give it some action. And I’m so glad I did!

Below is a Top 10 List of why I use the Unified Feed for syndicating my content across the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter… The following video is where I pull back the curtain and give you a behind the scenes view of what it looks like and how easy it is to use.

Autosyndication: I submit my content and links and people go to work sharing my [...] Continue Reading…

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