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My 9 year old made $207.02 in 5 minutes last night on the Internet… (Wanna know how?)

He loves working with Dad!

I know it sounds funny, but he’s been really wanting to get involved with what I do with my home businesses.

I really enjoy fostering the ideas that he can become whatever he wants, have whatever he wants, and do whatever he wants when he values working hard and having integrity. I want to EMPOWER him to go for it! Have fun! Care for others! And live a joyful, prosperous life! It is all in God’s greater plan and can be mysterious at times, whether you’re young or old. Helping him understand that is easier said than done… Parenting is the hardest job in the world but so worth it!

So the other day my boy and I sat down and I showed him a really simple and effective way to make money online. The entertaining thing was that it only took him 5 minutes to master!

Well, after only 5 minutes of work with him, we received these results from this simple strategy that I taught him. This picture shows how much we made just last night. Tonight promises to be even bigger! How much is that per hour? lol I think he’s very excited to be an entrepreneur!

Last month I had shared about a venture that I had begun.  ["2-3 Minutes, No Recruiting Necessary, & Earnings Accrue Daily..." (Huh?)

These points got my attention.
1. People are busy and can fit 2-3 minutes each day.
2. Profit sharing and earnings accrue daily. (1.73% historically)
3. No recruiting is necessary to earn $ daily!

It literally sounded too good to be true when I first looked at it! I found out that it's solid and backed by a huge company that has had a positive track record for 14+ years.

**My question to you: "Does this sound like something you'd like to know more about?"**

If so, just use the top right Contact Kary with a "YES" and I'll zap you some online info that you can check out in the comfort of your own home.

At that point you'll either have some questions or know whether this is a match for you or not...

I'm so glad that I did. In fact, I'm on track to be making 5 figure monthly income (6 figure yearly) doing this part-time by April 2012!

Wishing you life's rich blessings,

PS Take a look. Reply “Yes”… I have some new info about this profit sharing program that will clearly explain why people keep saying that it sounds too good to be true… yet is TRUE and very lucrative!

PSS Only 2 months later and we are really making some gains!



“Anti-Member Membership Site? Now I’ve Heard Everything!”

My friend Jon Alfredsson was sharing with me today about Brendon Burchard who has a track record for making a “boat load” of money running “Anti-Membership” membership sites, and I laughed at him!

I thought for sure he had lost it when he was trying to explain it to me, so I had to see it for myself. I’m skeptical to some degree but also usually open to new ways of thinking or marketing strategies online.

The three ideas that jumped out to me were… (if I choose to run with his simple idea)

  • that I’m never going to have to buy membership site software again!
  • how to virally grow the numbers of people who “subscribe” to my anti-membership site for FREE!
  • and the simplicity of how it’s all laid out…

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure you’re curious to see what I’m talking about. Click HERE to go over to see Brendon’s short and enlightening video on the “Anti-Member” membership site.

Keep innovative and creative,

PS It’s content like this that is always prevalent when you’re part of a Tribe or Mastermind Group. Today is your lucky day. You can now join my Empowered Tribe Group for FREE syndication and fun over on Facebook. Follow this link and get ready to share and learn from 100′s of innovative and creative bloggers and marketers. CLICK HERE

“I Learned My Lesson…”

I was chatting with one of my close friends the other day and somehow in our conversation we started talking about times when we had each made friends mad at us…

Have you ever gone to a party and not thought to mention to a close friend about the party, and when you started to share about how incredibly fun it was, your friend got all “bent out of shape” because you hadn’t invited them to the party?

Or have you had a time when you found a HOT sale and got a blazing deal on a typically expensive electronic item and then started to share about your find with a friend and they quickly grew “sour” because you hadn’t called them about the deal you had found?

I’ve sure learned my lesson from these experiences…

I recently discovered a break through technology that allows business owners to increase customer retention, put more smiles on their customers faces, and more money into their pockets. Who do you know who would be interested in being more competitive in their niche market? Probably lots of business owners I’d guess…

The following videos share about a package of videos tools that I’ve been using for months that do just that. I just wanted you to have the opportunity to learn about them so you could do your own due diligence and evaluate if they’d be a match for your business goals. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s more about the Conferencing and Webinar Broadcast service.

YouTube Preview Image

And the referral opportunity.

YouTube Preview Image

I just knew my conscience couldn’t handle not at least letting you know about this… I’ve already had friends mad at me for not telling them sooner!!! lol And thousands are already using this Suite of Video Tools to BOOST their businesses World Wide. (And for as little as $20/month. Heck, I’ve spent as much as $137/month for similar, less-quality video services. Not any more!)

Arming You For Success,

PS I personally think that many of you are going to be shocked at the VALUE I’ve found with tools EVERY business owner in the world can use… yes, I said EVERY business owner in the world!

You can leave me a message in the comments if you’d like more information. My “Featured” page here on my blog gives a few more details as well, or you can contact me through my “Contact Kary” and we can arrange a time where I can answer any of your questions.

“Been A Victim Of The Google Slap?” Kary Goes Face To Face With Jonathan Budd To Find Out What’s Really Going On With Traffic Generation…

If you’re anything like me, you’ve heard about the mysterious “Google Slap” and wondered what it’s been really about. Has the Traffic Generation completely dried up for people like Jonathan Budd and the Internet Marketing Industry on Google? Or is there just a lot of hype and misinformation? And why would Google go and bite the hands that feed it?

I couldn’t think of anyone more qualified to share the “behind the scene happenings” of what is REALLY going on with the “Google Slap” than Mr. Jonathan Budd himself.

Jonathan shares his own story of how 400-500+ leads per day dried up almost instantly over night, what he did at that point, what he’s learned in the process, and what he recommends for the Internet Marketing community to do based on the results he’s seeing now…

I don’t want to delay this entertaining and insightful interview any longer. Sit back and enjoy!

When it’s finished I’d really appreciate your take on our interview with your comment and you taking the time to share and retweet this post, too! Thanks!

To Your Success,

PS Don’t miss this important link, as Jonathan Budd reveals in more detail exactly what he’s stumbled upon with his 4-part series, “Get Traffic 3.0”… <—Click

Part 2: Social Media Makeover? Can Katie Freiling’s Social Media Wealth Manifesto & The Unified Tribe Be That Missing Piece?

First, I wanted to thank everyone who submitted information on my survey request over the last 3 weeks. (Click here to see that initial post.) Unfortunately I wasn’t too surprised to see the list of challenges that many people are facing as they try to launch income-generating ventures online.

I put out that post to solicit some data and to hear from the field as to what is challenging people the most to make money online. I’m going to share the results with you today and give you some recommendations based on what I’ve learned, witnessed, and created myself as an online marketer.

The following list is ranked from the most shared challenges to the least… I’ve linked out to some posts that I feel may help with some of these issues.

  1. How to Create a Blog (NEW! I have a new “21 Blogging Essentials” Gift when you subscribe to my blog right now!)
  2. How to Monetize a Blog
  3. How to Create Content
  4. Time Issues
  5. Being Distracted and Overwhelmed
  6. Getting Traffic
  7. Lack of Mentoring & Confidence
  8. Lack of Finances To Get Started
  9. Fear
  10. Lack of Knowledge On How To Capture and Monetize Leads

As many of you may know, I came online last year and launched my blog last August, eight months ago. In that time, me, a completely clueless elementary school teacher, went from 0 to 40,578+ page views on my blog, became the top enroller for my network marketing company in my second month (now leading the social media training for that entire company), and had top industry entrepreneurs calling me to lead webinars and coach their top tier coaching clients… all in less than eight months!

But why? And who is it that helped me?

Remember, it’s all about taking action, acquiring the right knowledge and skills, having a healthy mindset and attitude, and surrounding yourself with an incredible mastermind team. The way that this all fell into place for me was by investing in myself, by growing a human being, and by hiring Jonathan Budd and Katie Freiling to teach me exactly what they had done to create their massive success online.

It would take me days and days to reteach what I have learned in regards to the challenges people are facing in the above list. But fortunately I don’t have to… I know someone that can put the pieces into place for you right now, with proven results.

So, what do I have to offer you? Well, I couldn’t have timed it better if I tried! Katie Freiling just released her (click here) Social Media Wealth Manifesto. It’s all there… the exact blueprint you can use for massive online success… if you decide to roll up your sleeves and work smart.

Remember, if you look at the TRULY successful people in the world like elite entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, writers, etc… they all have several things in common. They have an incredible drive to never give up, the surround themselves with the best in their niche, and they get coaching from the best as well.

Is that you? Only you can decide that!

All I can say is if you’re troubled by any of the items on the list I shared above, I highly recommend getting yourself a FREE copy of Katie’s Social Media Wealth Manifesto right away.

I still can’t believe that she’s giving those 44-pages away without charging for them! When you do, make sure and let me know what you think.

Now if you’ve already read her Manifesto, then I’d love to hear what you think below in the comments.

Thank you again for sharing this post on Twitter & Facebook, and I’m looking forward to what’s coming with her hinted Unified Tribe, too. More to come on that for sure. Keep watching this week as we look more closely at what she has put together to Revolutionize the way we do Social Media and Market online…

Let’s Transform the Industry Together,

Kary Rogney

PS Recently, my Tribe and I had Katie Freiling on a Webinar. Check it out! Here’s the replay.–>>

Social Media Makeover? A Mission To Simplify & Revamp The Industry…

I’m not sure if you’re anything like me or not, but I’m constantly asking myself why do some people make money online, while others don’t? I think I have some ideas here… that I discuss in this post called, The Attitudes And Actions Of Successful Entrepreneurs, but I want to hear from the field about what they think is happening.

Click here to answer a few very quick questions–>>I want to help!<<—Only take 30 seconds!

What about marketing and monetizing within the social media arena? Who is reaping the big rewards and why are so many marketers struggling when there are litterally millions of people to develop relationships with and engage online?

My goal today is to enlist your help in order to get to the bottom of what people are experiencing while trying to make a living on the social media platforms.

Will there be a pattern to the responses? Is there something easy and simple that people are over-looking as they try to gernerate a significant income online?

My hope and passion is that as we uncover the pain of what most people are experiencing that we can come together as a “Tribe” or “Mastermind Alliance” to lift each other up to conquer these obstacles.

I feel we are on the verge of a new revolution in marketing that is going to spawn a cutting edge generation of entrepreneurs whose success will DWARF the modern stories of the Internet marketing “Gurus.”

Click here to answer a few very quick questions–>>I want to help!<<—Only take 30 seconds!

Thanks for your help in advance and I look forward to sharing my findings with you.

And please leave your comments to share your take on this issue.

By retweeting this post we’ll also bring the ideas and reactions of a larger amount of people to the table.

Here’s to a bright future for us all,
Kary Rogney

Marketing Blind Spots? Does Your Tribe Have Your Back?

Social Tribes – The Benefits of a Blogging Alliance

The idea of forming tribes around social media and blogs is catching on and for good reason. I’m sure you’ve heard about forming tribes for content syndication. If you have not… the idea is you network with a few people to promote each others content. There are many benefits around tribes and rapid exposure is just the start. But before we get into that I want to share a story of how this tribe was founded.

In the video below you’ll hear how our tribe “Team Empowered” came to be. Like all good ideas, this tribe was formed out of a need. A need that would be better filled with a focused determined group, than by one individual… me.

YouTube Preview Image

Earlier this summer I finally came to the realization that I was going to start a blog. I had put off this concept for over 3 years. Many people would tell me to “Just start one.” “You need a blog to get your message out there.” “There’s a lot of money to be made by blogging.” All good points but I had my doubts.

Could I create a blog and provide enough content to keep readers coming back? How often do I need to keep feeding this blog thing? Do I need a technical degree to set it up? And the biggest question we all face is… How do I get traffic? So many questions… but I finally took the plunge and got a blog started with the help of a few friends.

As I was looking around at many different blogs I realized that some were just empty. There was no life, no energy… no community. I knew that I would face the same issues. How to get traffic? So I figured that if I had these questions, others did as well.

So I reached out to several people and purposed a blogging alliance. I was looking to create a mastermind group of a few people who would comment on each others blog and “buzz” each others content. Social Tribes for content syndication was born.

It was not hard to find a few people who caught the vision and wanted to play ball. They are all over the social media sites. Most of them are busy promoting their own content. However there are a few who seem to be climbing the social sites faster than others.

As I mentioned earlier this concept was the main goal at the time. Since then we have realized that there are many benefits to having a mastermind group that is focused on helping each other. A joint venture is one of those benefits and that’s exactly what we did.

There are 5 of us in our blogging alliance. We all have different skills and talents. By pulling these resources together we have made a program that teaches people the power behind tribes, content syndication and social media. Below is a brief excerpt from our official launch of the Tribe Mastery intensive.

* In module 1 you will hear from Kary Rogney about blogging and how to set up your blog correctly to gain the most exposure from social media. Kary also shares his secrets to gaining over 70 RT’s and almost 40 comments for one post alone.
* In module 2 Ken will share the concept behind tribes and the power of having an alliance. I will also cover the many ways to use social media for content syndication.
* In module 3 Jon Alfredsson shares his Twitter expertise and with over 27,000 followers there is good reason to listen. Jon is the #3 top Twitter tweeter in Sweden.
* In module 4 Nick Logan and Kary Rogney cover content creation. They will be sharing what you need to have in every piece of content you publish. Weather it’s blog posts, videos or articles, if you don’t have eye catching appealing stuff, all the syndication in the world wont help you get noticed.
* In module 5 Michael Feil shares all his tips and tracks for Facebook. This social media giant can be your best asset or biggest waste of time. Marketing the right way will save you months if not years of frustration.
* In module 6 Jon and Ken team up to show the power behind video marketing and social book marking. Many of these time saving tips for traffic creation go over looked.

Now I would like to introduce Kary Rogney as he shows you how he was able to create 15,000 views to his blog in less than 5 months. Before you move on down the page I would like you to ask yourself two questions.

Could I benefit from a blogging alliance? Or Do I want to keep hitting my head against the wall by marketing all by myself?

Ken Pickard

The Network


Creating A Blog That Is Ready To Syndicate


All I know is that just 4 months ago I was out there doing all of my marketing on my own. I was meeting a few people and learning a few strategies, but, I had mo partnerships and was making very little money online. I made a few affiliate sales here and there, but that was it for my online income.

Something had to change…

So it was in April when I saw Katie Freiling launch her blog and knew that I need to do the same thing.

The problem was, I couldn’t figure out how she did it! She was getting leads, getting business partners, and making $$$!

I started talking to blog designers and got quotes of thousands of dollars… I was really frustrated!

Plus, I didn’t know how I’d get traffic there. I saw most people just spamming their links to try to get people to go to their company sites and capture pages… I knew that I wanted to do it differently to build my online business.


So I decided to get some exclusive mentoring from Jonathan Budd and Katie Freiling on blogging and social media marketing!

BTW Katie was getting 400-500 veiws of her blog each day at that time. Think how much that would’ve cost to do that with Pay-Per-Click… that would have cost a fortune. She was doing it all for FREE!

Within weeks I had my blog set up, had plan, and was quickly seeing results with visitors, traffic, and new Tribe partnerships. That’s when we began to put our Tribe Syndication partnership together and learn how to drive traffic to our sites using social media.


Within 4 months I had over 400 subscribers, had a dozen new business partners (savvy Internet marketers, too), have made thousands in bonuses and commissions, have had people calling and paying me for personal mentoring, and much more!

This has all happened… not because I’m anything special… it’s because I took MASSIVE ACTION on the activities that my coaches told me to do!

Their training was A HUGE BREAKTHROUGH for me!

Now sit back and soak in some more ideas and let my buddies share some tips on what we’re doing on Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube Preview Image

Kary Rogney

“My Tribe”


Content Creation For Powerful Messages

Tribe Syndication is an incredible way to grow your business or promote a cause.

Without good quality content it’s difficult to attract top notch people to network with.

One of the best ways to make your blog stand out is to put yourself in your readers shoes. Who is your reader? What is your reader wanting to read? What do they NEED to read?

YouTube Preview Image
Before you figure out who your reader is, you need to really define your niche? You may not have a niche yet. You might have a niche, but really need to define it and hone in on it. What is your voice to the world?

I was listening to Brian Tracy the other day. He was talking about how successful people are able to focus on the things that they don’t want to do, so they can enjoy the things that they do want to do.

I agree with that. However, if you pick the right niche you can have your cake and eat it too. If you want to make money blogging, it’s best to choose a niche that you enjoy speaking about.

Tips on Creating Top Notch Content

You can find content to share here:,,

Here a just a few ideas to stimulate your creativity. This is only the beginning the opportunities for good quality content are endless.

- How To Post

- Share Your Passions

- Where do you excel?

- What topics can you brand yourself as an expert?

- Share Tips and Techniques That have worked for you

- Peaking curiosity by asking questions

- Posts on concepts from Powerful leaders like Eben Pagan, Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker,

- What are you Learning about

- Define Something

- Start a discussion

- Propose a Theory

- Top 5, 10, 100 lists

- Book Reviews

There are several more categories to talk about with regard to content creation. Too many to talk about in this short post. Some top considerations involve picking the proper targeted keywords for your audience. More on that in future posts.

Nick Logan

Meet Nick


How To Create A Twitter Tribe

YouTube Preview Image

Dr. Jon Alfredsson



Creating A Massive Buzz With Your Tribe On Facebook

YouTube Preview Image

If you would like to see the second part of this video that gets into the real meat of one Facebook technique that I use to add to my Tribe please go to and watch this video. Click Here For Part 2

Let me explain this technique to you really quick because it’s very powerful if you use it correctly!

In Facebook we all have the ability to make categories for our friends. My “friends” on Facebook consist of a few different types of people.

1. My Family

2. My Personal Friends

3. My Business Partners

4. My Tribe Members

5. New People I Meet On Facebook

Out of all of these people the most important to me from a Social Media standpoint is number 5. Why? Because my family and personal friends are not looking to join a business or do a joint venture with me. That’s old school marketing and to me is a big waste of time.

I stay in touch with my business partners and my Tribe on a regular basis, so I know what’s going on with them.

However, the new people I meet on Facebook have potential to partner or JV with me at some point in the future. I just need to find out where they stand. So all of these people I put in a category called internet marketing (you can name it however you want. That’s just what I call it.) So in a sense this is my sales funnel. Since I’m all over Facebook 99% of the time these people that want to be my friend or accept my friend request are in some kind of home based business, online marketing, or just an aspiring entrepreneur.

So because I have categorized these people as having potential I can now go through this list in an orderly fashion and start to build a rapport with each of these people to see what they’re all about.

So if you’re having problems getting traffic to your website or your blog you can find an endless amount of traffic just by going to Facebook and talking to people and properly categorizing them while you work THAT sales funnel. From there lead them to your website or blog. Ask them to just check it out and to tell you their opinion of it.

You will get WAY farther doing this than just going on Facebook and SPAMMING people to check out your latest opportunity. Many people forget the SOCIAL part of Social Media. There has to be some kind of interaction between both parties or else it’s just media…or what I like to call SPAM!

It’s a simple technique but overlooked by many!

Michael Feil



“TIME SENSITIVE: FREE WEBINAR REPLAY… For Those Of You Who Want To Leverage The Power Of The Tribe, Blogging, & Social Media To Syndicate Content And Gain Massive Exposure… You Won’t Want To Miss Out On This Opportunity To Learn From My Tribe…”


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