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3 Different Ways to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

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Yes, There Is More Than One Way…

We’re going to be talking about 3 different ways to achieve success in Network Marketing.

We believe that everybody is different and that each person has a different personality to do things, including business.

By the way, we are Ramon & Salendra and we’re excited to be sharing this with you!

Success in Network Marketing = Success in Sports?

You might be wondering why we say that success in Network Marketing is like success in sports….

Well, I (Ramon) had played basketball for a looong time so I understand team work, skills and roles in the game.

If you ever watched some sort of game like football, basketball, soccer, etc, you might have realized that NOT every single player does the same thing, right?
I mean… What a chaos would that be! Imagine every single player in basketball trying to organize the team, imagine everybody guarding the same player, imagine everybody playing in the same position!

This actually happens in games and the teams that do this are not very successful.

So what happens when you join a company (a team) and they tell you to do ONLY THIS because that’s what’s working for them? Most of the cases people don’t achieve success even if they do “what works for them”… You know why?

Let us show you a practical example.

This guy right here is a LEGEND in the NBA. His name is Shaquille O’Neal…

Success in Network Marketing

Shaquille O'Neal

This guy didn’t know how to shoot, he didn’t know how to organize the game, he didn’t know how to dribble, however  he was the player with most dominance in the history of NBA.

He is bigger than anybody else, and stronger than anybody else, so he didn’t need those kinds of skills I talked about…

Now imagine this guy right here (called Michael Jordan) starts talking with him and tells him:


Success in Network Marketing

Michael Jordan

- “Hey Shaq! Stop being so big, man! You need to start learning how to shoot, how to dribble and being incredibly fast and flexible… Because that’s what works for me!”

Imagine Shaquille O’Neal (who is 7 foot 1) and around 325 lb. starts listening to Jordan and starts TRYING to play like him…

Do you think O’Neal would have been very successful with that way of playing?

Are you a in this situation?

Today we want to open your mind.

Today we want to make you see that talking with friends and family DOES work.

Today we want to make you see that marketing your business online DOES work.

Today we want to make you see that adding friends on Facebook DOES work.

But you have to decide which is the best way for YOU to achieve success in Network Marketing.

So let’s get into it!

1) Straight Forward Way to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

We’re not gonna lie to you. This way has a bad reputation, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Salendra and I don’t like this way to do business because it is not compatible with OUR personality and OUR dreams and goals, but we’re open minded and we see many people being successful in Network Marketing by doing this, so it clearly WORKS.

This straight forward way to achieve success in Network Marketing is the one hated by Internet entrepreneurs, which is the way where you talk directly with people either on the phone, or face to face either by making honest appointments, or by inviting them to have a party at your home, and then show them the DVD of the company by surprise.

These strategies WORK for some people, so we can’t deny the fact that these kind of strategies are effective… If you have the right personality for them.

You can’t ask a quarter-back to run and do touch-downs, if you know what I mean…

2) Chatting and Talking With People In Social Media

Salendra and I have a whole FREE interview with a big authority in the industry that teaches this strategy (Among others).

This strategy is about adding friends and joining groups and fanpages to be in contact with people consistently and building relationships with them.

When you start talking with them, show genuine interest and ask them questions about their interests, their passions, their current economical situation… And IF you think that your opportunity would be a good fit for that person, invite them to a presentation or web cast letting them know that it will solve their current problem.

You need to be patient with this strategy.

You are going to find people who only pitch their opportunity and will throw it in your face like if you care… Just ignore those people and keep talking with people and finding out FIRST if your opportunity could save their situation.

3) Being an Authority On Success in Network Marketing

Ok… This is the most attractive one, isn’t it?

Being an authority in MLM, people following you, running after you with their credit cards in hand… Beautiful, isn’t it?

We told you in the beginning of this post that we were going to be open minded…

So this is possible.  Actually, it happens all the time.

Big “Gurus” making millions of dollars in launches.  This happens really often in the Internet… So if somebody tells you that this is not possible and that this is a scam, think twice before believing them.

Now… This is not easy, as many will make you believe. But it is SIMPLE, if you know the steps to position yourself as an authority on the Internet.

So here are the simple steps (but not easy) you must take if you want to have traffic coming into your websites and offers CONSISTENTLY:

  • Find a profitable company that has demand:  We’re tired of hearing all the companies saying that they’re the fastest growing company in history. We hear that all the time from all kind of companies. One advice:  Do NOT believe them.  We like to find FACTS about MLM at  Here you can learn what are the fastest growing companies and the ones with more demand.  Why is this step so important?  Well, one of the principles of economy is ‘demand’.  If there is not demand, there’s no business. So obviously, if you have a product or you’re in a company that has lot of demand that’s a GOOD thing.You also can find what people are actively searching for in a regular basis with the FREE Google Keyword Tool.


  • Create a FREE gift of high quality:  This can be a report, an interview with a top producer in MLM, an audio training, a series of videos… Anything! Try to talk about how to achieve success in Network Marketing or something like that. It doesn’t matter if you’re not still successful. If you’re doing an interview, the interviewer is the one who is teaching how to be successful! So interview somebody who is already successful! lol.Give it for free in exchange to their email address so you can keep sending them more cool free stuff.REMEMBER: If you want people to come back to you, give them QUALITY! Do you come back to people who give you crap? Even if it’s free?  Think about it.


  • Build a Website With Free Content and a squeeze page giving the gift: This will be like your home or office on the Internet whose mission is to attract people to YOU and your list/offers. Publish posts and pages with keywords that people are searching online so your website can rank high for those terms and be found by people who are looking for information you have!Give them free content with QUALITY again, so they join your list… If you don’t give them quality, they won’t join your list. GUARANTEED!


  •  Create a newsletter with emails of QUALITY: This needs to have quality as well. EVERYTHING! lol. The first email should contain a link to the gift and a message from you telling them they’re going to receive more emails from you so they don’t get freaked out when they see emails from you coming in :) .  Then send them another email with free content, and then send emails every 2 or 3 days.Every email you send with free content should have an offer to an affiliate product or your own product. It’s like a commercial in a cool TV show like Friends. You want to make money, right?And then you can send them hard sell emails once in a while to make big bucks, but don’t abuse these kind of emails!We use and recommend Traffic Wave for the auto responder to do all this for many reasons. Check it out here.


  • Drive traffic to your squeeze page: If you target the right keywords, you will have traffic coming in automatically to your website. So you should drive traffic from your website/blog to your squeeze page, where you give away your gift in exchange to their email address.Google and search engines are great to get TONS of traffic on autopilot, but there are more sources of traffic.Our favorite ones are press releases and YouTube. Plus you get link juice from press releases and YouTube, which help you rank higher in search engines as well!

 Are You Ready to Achieve Success in Network Marketing?

Now you have an incredible foundation for your MLM success.

We wanted to give A LOT OF good content to you because Kary let us publish this post in his blog…

And we really believe that you have plenty of information here.

Remember to keep your mind open when it comes to the game. There are different personalities and skills out there.

Discover YOUR best way to do business.

Salendra and I made a cool interview with an incredible authority in MLM and also in Internet Marketing. He’s done coaching for Jonathan Budd’s students, for example.

The best part is that we’re giving this interview for FREE!

==> Click here to learn how this incredible mentor of us has achieved success in Network Marketing <==

Much success,

Ramon and Salendra



Thanks for reading ‘3 Different Ways to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

“Anti-Member Membership Site? Now I’ve Heard Everything!”

My friend Jon Alfredsson was sharing with me today about Brendon Burchard who has a track record for making a “boat load” of money running “Anti-Membership” membership sites, and I laughed at him!

I thought for sure he had lost it when he was trying to explain it to me, so I had to see it for myself. I’m skeptical to some degree but also usually open to new ways of thinking or marketing strategies online.

The three ideas that jumped out to me were… (if I choose to run with his simple idea)

  • that I’m never going to have to buy membership site software again!
  • how to virally grow the numbers of people who “subscribe” to my anti-membership site for FREE!
  • and the simplicity of how it’s all laid out…

I don’t know about you, but I’m sure you’re curious to see what I’m talking about. Click HERE to go over to see Brendon’s short and enlightening video on the “Anti-Member” membership site.

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Blogging For Beginners…

The blogging world is opening up and shifting drastically right now. We are on the verge of an absolute tipping point in the way that people communicate, interact, and do business online. Over the next several weeks I’m going to be sharing with you a series I call “Blogging For Beginners.”

In the coming posts I’m going to share how I, a new and completely clueless elementary school teacher, went from 0 to 44,324+ page views on my blog, became the top enroller for my network marketing company in my second month, and had top industry entrepreneurs calling me to lead webinars and coach their top tier coaching clients… all in less than eight months!

But before we get into the how-to’s and nuts and bolts of how to piece together a social media blog, I want to share the process I implemented leading to this massive exposure and success online.

First and foremost, everything I’m going to share and that you need to be doing initially is about developing relationships, acquiring skills, and growing as a leader. I won’t share anything that I’m not already doing, too. This is important because I’m not here to paint pictures of theories or to pass along ideas that I’VE HEARD might work.

Let me explain… As people get to know, like, and trust you they are going to be more “open” to what you’re doing. And if you are sharing valuable, thought-provoking content you are going to find yourself very magnetic in your readers’ eyes.

People will be calling, messaging, skyping, or e-mailing you every day with questions, requests to be friends, and wanting to know what you’re working on. As you unconditionally give, give, give, they are drawn into the idea that they can also learn even more from you by getting personal mentoring or by joining you in business. By offering so much in value and information, people will feel compelled to partner with you any way possible…

Trust is definitely earned by placing the needs of others first… DON’T PITCH a biz opp right out of the gate! (We call this PUKING ALL OVER THEM!) But ask questions, listen, and offer real solutions after asking permission to share.

Allow your readers and new friends opportunities to get to know you by telling stories, by sharing personal info about yourself, by posting pictures and videos, and by doing anything possible to let people see into your world… This bridges the gap between their interests and yours. You’ll become more interesting, relatable, and approachable.

If you use your blog’s platform to inspire, educate, entertain, enlighten and so on, you will HOOK them and keep them coming back for more. They’ll be loyal and ferocious FANS! This will also open more opportunities to grow your subscriber list, grow your network marketing team, and to ultimately GROW YOUR INCOME! That is what everyone wants, right?

As I learned the blueprint for putting everything together on my blog, my main goal was to serve and help as many people as possible… while looking for people open to working and learning these skills together.

In that process, I was able to connect and make deep, long-lasting relationships with vast numbers of other entrepreneurs and bloggers. Through this alliance I was able to get my questions answered quickly and found that there was tremendous POWER AND LEVERAGE in my new-found “TRIBE.”

Once you have these rock-solid relationships established, it is natural to roll out your blogs together and to support one another. You will learn so much in this process; it’s absolutely CRAZY!

Over the next few weeks in this series I will be handing you a manual and map for how to put a plan into action for launching your blog. With this check-off list you will be breezing your way through getting your blog up and ready, or you’ll be able to make simple and quick changes to your existing blog… especially if you’re not getting the results you desire with that blog right now.

We’ll soon get started with Day 1 of my series ‘Blogging For Beginners’…

Yours in support and success,

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This is actually one simple service that is launching hundreds of blogs as we speak…

FREE Q & A Webinar Every Saturday @ 8am Pacific Time

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Part 2: Social Media Makeover? Can Katie Freiling’s Social Media Wealth Manifesto & The Unified Tribe Be That Missing Piece?

First, I wanted to thank everyone who submitted information on my survey request over the last 3 weeks. (Click here to see that initial post.) Unfortunately I wasn’t too surprised to see the list of challenges that many people are facing as they try to launch income-generating ventures online.

I put out that post to solicit some data and to hear from the field as to what is challenging people the most to make money online. I’m going to share the results with you today and give you some recommendations based on what I’ve learned, witnessed, and created myself as an online marketer.

The following list is ranked from the most shared challenges to the least… I’ve linked out to some posts that I feel may help with some of these issues.

  1. How to Create a Blog (NEW! I have a new “21 Blogging Essentials” Gift when you subscribe to my blog right now!)
  2. How to Monetize a Blog
  3. How to Create Content
  4. Time Issues
  5. Being Distracted and Overwhelmed
  6. Getting Traffic
  7. Lack of Mentoring & Confidence
  8. Lack of Finances To Get Started
  9. Fear
  10. Lack of Knowledge On How To Capture and Monetize Leads

As many of you may know, I came online last year and launched my blog last August, eight months ago. In that time, me, a completely clueless elementary school teacher, went from 0 to 40,578+ page views on my blog, became the top enroller for my network marketing company in my second month (now leading the social media training for that entire company), and had top industry entrepreneurs calling me to lead webinars and coach their top tier coaching clients… all in less than eight months!

But why? And who is it that helped me?

Remember, it’s all about taking action, acquiring the right knowledge and skills, having a healthy mindset and attitude, and surrounding yourself with an incredible mastermind team. The way that this all fell into place for me was by investing in myself, by growing a human being, and by hiring Jonathan Budd and Katie Freiling to teach me exactly what they had done to create their massive success online.

It would take me days and days to reteach what I have learned in regards to the challenges people are facing in the above list. But fortunately I don’t have to… I know someone that can put the pieces into place for you right now, with proven results.

So, what do I have to offer you? Well, I couldn’t have timed it better if I tried! Katie Freiling just released her (click here) Social Media Wealth Manifesto. It’s all there… the exact blueprint you can use for massive online success… if you decide to roll up your sleeves and work smart.

Remember, if you look at the TRULY successful people in the world like elite entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, writers, etc… they all have several things in common. They have an incredible drive to never give up, the surround themselves with the best in their niche, and they get coaching from the best as well.

Is that you? Only you can decide that!

All I can say is if you’re troubled by any of the items on the list I shared above, I highly recommend getting yourself a FREE copy of Katie’s Social Media Wealth Manifesto right away.

I still can’t believe that she’s giving those 44-pages away without charging for them! When you do, make sure and let me know what you think.

Now if you’ve already read her Manifesto, then I’d love to hear what you think below in the comments.

Thank you again for sharing this post on Twitter & Facebook, and I’m looking forward to what’s coming with her hinted Unified Tribe, too. More to come on that for sure. Keep watching this week as we look more closely at what she has put together to Revolutionize the way we do Social Media and Market online…

Let’s Transform the Industry Together,

Kary Rogney

PS Recently, my Tribe and I had Katie Freiling on a Webinar. Check it out! Here’s the replay.–>>

Social Media Makeover? A Mission To Simplify & Revamp The Industry…

I’m not sure if you’re anything like me or not, but I’m constantly asking myself why do some people make money online, while others don’t? I think I have some ideas here… that I discuss in this post called, The Attitudes And Actions Of Successful Entrepreneurs, but I want to hear from the field about what they think is happening.

Click here to answer a few very quick questions–>>I want to help!<<—Only take 30 seconds!

What about marketing and monetizing within the social media arena? Who is reaping the big rewards and why are so many marketers struggling when there are litterally millions of people to develop relationships with and engage online?

My goal today is to enlist your help in order to get to the bottom of what people are experiencing while trying to make a living on the social media platforms.

Will there be a pattern to the responses? Is there something easy and simple that people are over-looking as they try to gernerate a significant income online?

My hope and passion is that as we uncover the pain of what most people are experiencing that we can come together as a “Tribe” or “Mastermind Alliance” to lift each other up to conquer these obstacles.

I feel we are on the verge of a new revolution in marketing that is going to spawn a cutting edge generation of entrepreneurs whose success will DWARF the modern stories of the Internet marketing “Gurus.”

Click here to answer a few very quick questions–>>I want to help!<<—Only take 30 seconds!

Thanks for your help in advance and I look forward to sharing my findings with you.

And please leave your comments to share your take on this issue.

By retweeting this post we’ll also bring the ideas and reactions of a larger amount of people to the table.

Here’s to a bright future for us all,
Kary Rogney

Going Unplugged… Why?

Hey Friends! I really appreciate you taking the time to come by and listen to me share about why I’m going “Unplugged” and about some of the personal struggles that I’ve been facing. Maybe you have these similar issues with time, family, and the challenge of building a business online…

Sit back and listen as I discuss with you some new ideas that I’m working on to bring a better balance to my life.

If you resonate with this and have some ideas or encouraging words to share, I’d love to hear from you down below. And if you think the people over on Twitter would benefit, a ReTweet is always appreciated, too.

Many Blessings,

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Podcasts With WordPress Tribes? Greg Milk Speaks About This Cutting Edge Combo

Is there a new era opening up for marketers, bloggers, and people plugged into podcasting? I don’t know, but I’d love to hear what you think.

Greg Milk, accomplished video podcaster and friend of mine, shares some insights to what is available to bloggers right now in this venue that many know little about… Podcasting. Do you agree or disagree? I want to hear from you. Have you done podcasting or been in the audience for one? What do you like or dislike about this venue?

Check out my outrageous, lovable friend bringing-it about the potential merge of blogging and podcasting…

Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this Viddler video.

Give us some love on this one… A Retweet would be very much appreciated if you were entertained or educated by Greg and this new marketing strategy. We all win when we share ideas. And definitely find Greg on Facebook… Peace.


“For Those Of You Who Want To Leverage The Power Of The Tribe, Blogging, & Social Media”


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