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How To Overcome The Mind… And Receive Your New Body… *NextFit Review


Why Do I Have These Thoughts?

For years and years I’ve wrestled with “My Mind” in regards to my own personal fitness and exercise. It’s only been recently where I’ve taken more control and overcome that stumbling block in my life. I’m focused and driven to move forward with my new wellness and total life transformation.

This Is Nothing Short Of A Miracle For Me…

Now I’ve never been over weight or totally inactive, but I’ve definitely been thin and not very strong during my life. That’s not saying that I’m not tough… I did work 10 summers in the fishing industry in Alaska… but I have definitely avoided lifting weights and running like “The Plague”! I’d always chosen to get my exercise playing basketball or beach volleyball, etc…

Well, something new has crossed my path and given me a new excitement for many reasons. It’s called the NextFit Key Chain Trainer.

I Have A Choice To Make…

First of all, I’ve come to realize that I’m not getting any younger, and I have accepted that I have an extremely busy schedule, so taking time to go to the gym has not been a priority. Besides, we all know that going to the gym can take and hour or two out of your schedule, costs extra money, and has even gone unused during past memberships, too. And I definitely have not chosen to schedule that in to my routine… at least not yet.

And What Is My Health Worth?

It’s just that most Americans are so stinking cheap and lazy and in very poor health… And that needs to change!

I don’t want to die of a heart attack or get diabetes or whatever!! Neither does anyone else I’m sure. You know, it all comes down to making a decision. It’s all about your mind and starting from there. That’s it.

It’s So Simple, Yet Eludes So Many People…

Have you ever had a personal trainer to set up your own fitness plan? I sure haven’t. I know when I have had gym memberships I sure could have used one, but never seemed to work it into my budget or schedule. We all know that having a personal trainer is the most effective way to truly get the results you want for your fitness outcomes. It really has become an elitist commodity, much like health and wellness has become in our country, too.

Why Are We Flabby And Malnourished?

And we live in the richest (in debt) nation ever to be established on earth! It’s because we chose to be that way. We chose to live crazy busy lives, work two jobs, eat convenience foods, and sit in front of the TV and computer. Listen, it’s plain and simple. More calories going into your body than are burned = an expanding waste line and = more health related issues.

Well, NextFit has answered my needs with an Intuitive Technology that puts 40 of the world’s top personal trainers in the palm of my hand… any time and any where I am, traveling or at home, they mix up the music from over 150 selections and talk me through the reps and directions in each customized session… even calling me by name! (And it’s no weird computer voice either.)

This intuitive, artificial intelligence adjusts and customizes my workout based on my age, weight and height profile, my personal goals, and based on the available equipment I have access to… And so much more!

Listen to Tony Robbins, master speaker and entrepreneur share his insights to this new technology innovation.

Make sure and check out all THREE PARTS of this VIDEO SERIES as I demo and explain my experience with the NextFit Key Chain Trainer.

If you’ve found this to be a fair and insightful post, then I thank you now for any Tweets or comments. They’re always appreciated!

Kary Rogney

The NextFit Revolution Dot Com

NextFit Squidoo Review

PS With the support of a technology that’s taken 4 years and $15 million dollars to complete… along with 8 patents pending, you’ll be able to start feeling great again and be back into those ‘skinny’ jeans in no time!!

PSS If you’re looking for an opportunity to get involved in this Pre-Launch, make sure and contact me. We are in the process of being the first to go into other countries right now and set up our teams. Don’t miss out on the perfect timing to get started.

America, Get Out There And Get Moving!

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Question: What do you do for your own fitness program?

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