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Leaders Do The Right Things

Character“Reputation is made in a moment.  
Character is built in a lifetime.”
~ James Leggett 


“Lots of people can get the job done.  Industry, science, education – each profession has its stellar achievers.   Personal competence is not a rare quality these days.  Newspapers and professional journals chronicle the personal best of these dedicated men and women.  But personal character is becoming rather elusive.  Like the biblical Esau, some professionals have traded the inheritance of their reputations for the pottage of dollars and cents.  They’ve become day traders, bartering the wealth of the eternal for the pittance of the temporary.

“if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,” the ancient leadership adage demands.  But leaders of character are more concerned with doing the right thing than they are in doing things right. Right methods without right motives are shallow at best and evil at their worst.  In the end, the great leader is not the person who can simply get the job done.  It is the person who knows how to link motives with methods.

Leadership that makes a difference includes a personal willingness to do the right thing.  It makes tough choices – moral choices, spiritual choices, ethical choices, right choices.”

(Written by Stan Toler, Minute Motivators for Leaders, p. 6-7)

Have you had to make tough decisions lately that have challenged your Character? Was it easy or hard to decide what to do? Please share below in our comments section and thanks for sharing this post with your Facebook Friends and Twitter followers.

Wishing you success in life,

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Leaders Rub Shoulders with Great Leaders

“Anyone who influences others is a leader.”

~ Chuck Swindoll


“If we are known by the company we keep, then the company we keep ought to inspire and invigorate us to greatness.  Leadership is not just learned by scanning words, sentences, or paragraphs in a textbook.

It is grasped by the mind and spirit of those who search for it in the lives of others.  Aspiring leaders recognize the importance of keeping company with those who have chosen to excel.  They listen to them, watch them.  They seek them out.  Their words and actions fall on their spirits like drops of moisture on a thirsty sponge.

Aspiring leaders acknowledge that the achievement of others offers a key to unlocking their own excellence.  They associate with great men and women not as an act of worship but rather to learn the cause of their success.  Every leader should be a mentor.  But more important, every leader should have a mentor.

Call it success by association – the people who strive for personal excellence will find a way to rub shoulders with the great people around them.”

(Written by Stan Toler, Minute Motivators for Leaders, p. 4-5)

Watch my one-minute commentary on this topic below.

Thanks for hanging out with me for a minute,

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3 Different Ways to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

YouTube Preview Image

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Yes, There Is More Than One Way…

We’re going to be talking about 3 different ways to achieve success in Network Marketing.

We believe that everybody is different and that each person has a different personality to do things, including business.

By the way, we are Ramon & Salendra and we’re excited to be sharing this with you!

Success in Network Marketing = Success in Sports?

You might be wondering why we say that success in Network Marketing is like success in sports….

Well, I (Ramon) had played basketball for a looong time so I understand team work, skills and roles in the game.

If you ever watched some sort of game like football, basketball, soccer, etc, you might have realized that NOT every single player does the same thing, right?
I mean… What a chaos would that be! Imagine every single player in basketball trying to organize the team, imagine everybody guarding the same player, imagine everybody playing in the same position!

This actually happens in games and the teams that do this are not very successful.

So what happens when you join a company (a team) and they tell you to do ONLY THIS because that’s what’s working for them? Most of the cases people don’t achieve success even if they do “what works for them”… You know why?

Let us show you a practical example.

This guy right here is a LEGEND in the NBA. His name is Shaquille O’Neal…

Success in Network Marketing

Shaquille O'Neal

This guy didn’t know how to shoot, he didn’t know how to organize the game, he didn’t know how to dribble, however  he was the player with most dominance in the history of NBA.

He is bigger than anybody else, and stronger than anybody else, so he didn’t need those kinds of skills I talked about…

Now imagine this guy right here (called Michael Jordan) starts talking with him and tells him:


Success in Network Marketing

Michael Jordan

- “Hey Shaq! Stop being so big, man! You need to start learning how to shoot, how to dribble and being incredibly fast and flexible… Because that’s what works for me!”

Imagine Shaquille O’Neal (who is 7 foot 1) and around 325 lb. starts listening to Jordan and starts TRYING to play like him…

Do you think O’Neal would have been very successful with that way of playing?

Are you a in this situation?

Today we want to open your mind.

Today we want to make you see that talking with friends and family DOES work.

Today we want to make you see that marketing your business online DOES work.

Today we want to make you see that adding friends on Facebook DOES work.

But you have to decide which is the best way for YOU to achieve success in Network Marketing.

So let’s get into it!

1) Straight Forward Way to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

We’re not gonna lie to you. This way has a bad reputation, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

Salendra and I don’t like this way to do business because it is not compatible with OUR personality and OUR dreams and goals, but we’re open minded and we see many people being successful in Network Marketing by doing this, so it clearly WORKS.

This straight forward way to achieve success in Network Marketing is the one hated by Internet entrepreneurs, which is the way where you talk directly with people either on the phone, or face to face either by making honest appointments, or by inviting them to have a party at your home, and then show them the DVD of the company by surprise.

These strategies WORK for some people, so we can’t deny the fact that these kind of strategies are effective… If you have the right personality for them.

You can’t ask a quarter-back to run and do touch-downs, if you know what I mean…

2) Chatting and Talking With People In Social Media

Salendra and I have a whole FREE interview with a big authority in the industry that teaches this strategy (Among others).

This strategy is about adding friends and joining groups and fanpages to be in contact with people consistently and building relationships with them.

When you start talking with them, show genuine interest and ask them questions about their interests, their passions, their current economical situation… And IF you think that your opportunity would be a good fit for that person, invite them to a presentation or web cast letting them know that it will solve their current problem.

You need to be patient with this strategy.

You are going to find people who only pitch their opportunity and will throw it in your face like if you care… Just ignore those people and keep talking with people and finding out FIRST if your opportunity could save their situation.

3) Being an Authority On Success in Network Marketing

Ok… This is the most attractive one, isn’t it?

Being an authority in MLM, people following you, running after you with their credit cards in hand… Beautiful, isn’t it?

We told you in the beginning of this post that we were going to be open minded…

So this is possible.  Actually, it happens all the time.

Big “Gurus” making millions of dollars in launches.  This happens really often in the Internet… So if somebody tells you that this is not possible and that this is a scam, think twice before believing them.

Now… This is not easy, as many will make you believe. But it is SIMPLE, if you know the steps to position yourself as an authority on the Internet.

So here are the simple steps (but not easy) you must take if you want to have traffic coming into your websites and offers CONSISTENTLY:

  • Find a profitable company that has demand:  We’re tired of hearing all the companies saying that they’re the fastest growing company in history. We hear that all the time from all kind of companies. One advice:  Do NOT believe them.  We like to find FACTS about MLM at  Here you can learn what are the fastest growing companies and the ones with more demand.  Why is this step so important?  Well, one of the principles of economy is ‘demand’.  If there is not demand, there’s no business. So obviously, if you have a product or you’re in a company that has lot of demand that’s a GOOD thing.You also can find what people are actively searching for in a regular basis with the FREE Google Keyword Tool.


  • Create a FREE gift of high quality:  This can be a report, an interview with a top producer in MLM, an audio training, a series of videos… Anything! Try to talk about how to achieve success in Network Marketing or something like that. It doesn’t matter if you’re not still successful. If you’re doing an interview, the interviewer is the one who is teaching how to be successful! So interview somebody who is already successful! lol.Give it for free in exchange to their email address so you can keep sending them more cool free stuff.REMEMBER: If you want people to come back to you, give them QUALITY! Do you come back to people who give you crap? Even if it’s free?  Think about it.


  • Build a Website With Free Content and a squeeze page giving the gift: This will be like your home or office on the Internet whose mission is to attract people to YOU and your list/offers. Publish posts and pages with keywords that people are searching online so your website can rank high for those terms and be found by people who are looking for information you have!Give them free content with QUALITY again, so they join your list… If you don’t give them quality, they won’t join your list. GUARANTEED!


  •  Create a newsletter with emails of QUALITY: This needs to have quality as well. EVERYTHING! lol. The first email should contain a link to the gift and a message from you telling them they’re going to receive more emails from you so they don’t get freaked out when they see emails from you coming in :) .  Then send them another email with free content, and then send emails every 2 or 3 days.Every email you send with free content should have an offer to an affiliate product or your own product. It’s like a commercial in a cool TV show like Friends. You want to make money, right?And then you can send them hard sell emails once in a while to make big bucks, but don’t abuse these kind of emails!We use and recommend Traffic Wave for the auto responder to do all this for many reasons. Check it out here.


  • Drive traffic to your squeeze page: If you target the right keywords, you will have traffic coming in automatically to your website. So you should drive traffic from your website/blog to your squeeze page, where you give away your gift in exchange to their email address.Google and search engines are great to get TONS of traffic on autopilot, but there are more sources of traffic.Our favorite ones are press releases and YouTube. Plus you get link juice from press releases and YouTube, which help you rank higher in search engines as well!

 Are You Ready to Achieve Success in Network Marketing?

Now you have an incredible foundation for your MLM success.

We wanted to give A LOT OF good content to you because Kary let us publish this post in his blog…

And we really believe that you have plenty of information here.

Remember to keep your mind open when it comes to the game. There are different personalities and skills out there.

Discover YOUR best way to do business.

Salendra and I made a cool interview with an incredible authority in MLM and also in Internet Marketing. He’s done coaching for Jonathan Budd’s students, for example.

The best part is that we’re giving this interview for FREE!

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Much success,

Ramon and Salendra



Thanks for reading ‘3 Different Ways to Achieve Success in Network Marketing

3 Simple Secrets When You’re At The Largest Party In The World (aka Facebook)

You ready for some straight talk about Social Media and Facebook? I’ve shared this idea on many a webinar that I’ve presented on over the last couple of years, yet very few, I MEAN VERY FEW EVER DO THIS!

And I don’t know why? Are people scared? Do they not feel that they have value to bring to new relationships? Do they feel that they can only interact with others if they are going to “pitch” them some biz opp or something? I’m not sure, but today I’m going to share a short video and a few key things to consider.

If you take this to heart, I am confident that you will soar to new success in your online and network marketing ventures!

This is the Facebook status update that got me fired up to put this brief post together:

  • “I can’t believe how much fun I have and how much I learn as I talk to my global Facebook friends either on the phone or on Skype… You should really take “YOUR PARTY” to a more personal level. Staying just here, typing messages is like being at the most incredible cocktail party in the world where everyone is sitting back to back texting each other! How sad that would be! Look forward to chatting with you some time soon…”

These really aren’t secrets per say. They’re just simple, common sense that most people easily over look as participants of social media sites. And it doesn’t matter which one we’re talking about Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. They’re all the same. People are typing messages back and forth 99% of the time and not getting on the phone or Skype to share true, meaningful conversations.

  1. When you’re chatting with someone, LISTEN! Don’t be the one doing all the talking! Show them that you really hear them by repeating back to them what you think they mean or are saying. Keep the spot light on them.
  2. Ask questions. You want to genuinely get to know them. Find out about what they like, don’t like, how they came to be doing what they’re doing for a living and what they like to do for fun. Much will be revealed in this conversation.
  3. Smile and stand up while you’re talking to them. They can ‘feel’ your energy through the phone. It’s true, isn’t it? lol People are more attracted to want to be friends with people that are positive, fun, and exciting. Would that describe you?

Check out my short video then tell me what you think.

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me over here today! Leave me a comment and share it with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers…

Wishing you massive success with all your relationships! Phone: 909.276.4639 Skype: karyrogney

PS We know that building a successful business nowadays is predicated on building real relationships with effective leadership on a foundation of solid systems for simple team duplication. If you’d like to find out more about how our team has found the ‘sweet spot’ for ALL OF THE ABOVE, then visit this page and see my special offer to you.

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I look forward to our conversation!

Top 3 Reasons Testimonials Reap Big Rewards

As you put yourself out there and start to learn new things, start offering your help to those in need that are open to your knowledge.

I can’t count the times that I’ve spent connecting with people in Facebook and Twitter and then gotten on the phone or Skype (karyrogney) with them and then helped them with some marketing strategies or guided them to tweak their tactics to improve their results with their business.

It’s really fun and I was able to create a new friend in the process!

For you… after you’ve given some of your best content and ideas and time freely to them, make sure and ask them for a short testimonial. With it you promise to put a link back to their blog below their name. They help you and you help them.

Recently I read an article that had a good suggestion as well. It said to have people write about some of the early observations about you that weren’t all perfect and then have them write about this dynamic shift in skill, helpfulness, or character they’ve witnessed at the end. It will come across more believable and authentic. Something to think about as you write your own or have others write about you.

So the Top 3 Reasons Testimonials Reap Big Rewards in my book are…

  1. Builds New and Solid Relationships
  2. Creates Stronger Social Proof
  3. Attracts More People to Want to Work Directly with You

Please take a moment to add some more benefits to the list in the comment section below. Thanks!

Today’s very short video example talking about Testimonials:

YouTube Preview Image

Next time we will get into how to choose a theme and a tag line for your blog.

Yours in support and mastery,

PS Testimonials are easily forgotten or ignored as important to the beginning blogger or entrepreneur. Don’t miss out on this simple strategy to quickly build your credibility as an expert in your niche.

And if you haven’t by now, go over to and get your blog ordered and set up for your own online traffic source.

How To Manifest Your Dreams In The New Year

It’s vitally important to not skip over personal growth and leadership development when wanting to become a successful entrepreneur and blogger. And clearly, it is the underlying foundation necessary to advance in this industry.

You must know in your core belief about yourself that you bring value to the world. Having that confidence (along with your personal faith in a higher power, for me it’s Jesus Christ) is the ‘rock’ you will cling to as you learn and grow and begin to lead and influence others.

Maintain your focus and self-discipline. By committing to your goals, vision, and direction you want to take, you will lead others by example and people will know you are also committed to their success for the long haul.

Embrace challenges. Expect challenges. Remember, leaders confront their fears and conquer them and when challenges are over-come, confidence grows. If you’re not ‘growing’… you’re dying.

As you reach larger levels of success in your life, it is impossible to take all the credit. The most wealthy and successful people are quick to give recognition to the tremendous team that they surround themselves with… Having a like-minded team that shares your same vision is paramount if you see yourself creating vast wealth and success online.

Today’s very short video:

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the link to The Attitudes and Actions of Successful Entrepreneurs. Check it out, too!

I highly recommend that you get Darren Hardy’s new book called The Compound Effect. You can get his book and 6 CD’s for only $35.00 over here: It’s a total game changer!

And here’s a special treat (titled: “Do It!”) from Art Williams that you’ll definitely want to watch too… So many great leaders and resources for us to learn from.

Next time I will get into how to feature your main business opportunity on your blog… the right way.

Yours in support and mastery,

PS Yes, challenges will come, and you should be thankful for them! Because without them we’d never have anything to measure our successes by… With blogging there are many challenges and many big rewards!

If you like today’s content then you’ll definitely want to subscribe to my email newsletter and training series. I call it the “21 Blogging Essentials” and you can find it over on the right side of my blog. You’ll also see that for a limited time I’m offering a complimentary consultation to evaluate your own online marketing strategies. Make sure and take me up on that offer…

“I Learned My Lesson…”

I was chatting with one of my close friends the other day and somehow in our conversation we started talking about times when we had each made friends mad at us…

Have you ever gone to a party and not thought to mention to a close friend about the party, and when you started to share about how incredibly fun it was, your friend got all “bent out of shape” because you hadn’t invited them to the party?

Or have you had a time when you found a HOT sale and got a blazing deal on a typically expensive electronic item and then started to share about your find with a friend and they quickly grew “sour” because you hadn’t called them about the deal you had found?

I’ve sure learned my lesson from these experiences…

I recently discovered a break through technology that allows business owners to increase customer retention, put more smiles on their customers faces, and more money into their pockets. Who do you know who would be interested in being more competitive in their niche market? Probably lots of business owners I’d guess…

The following videos share about a package of videos tools that I’ve been using for months that do just that. I just wanted you to have the opportunity to learn about them so you could do your own due diligence and evaluate if they’d be a match for your business goals. Enjoy!

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s more about the Conferencing and Webinar Broadcast service.

YouTube Preview Image

And the referral opportunity.

YouTube Preview Image

I just knew my conscience couldn’t handle not at least letting you know about this… I’ve already had friends mad at me for not telling them sooner!!! lol And thousands are already using this Suite of Video Tools to BOOST their businesses World Wide. (And for as little as $20/month. Heck, I’ve spent as much as $137/month for similar, less-quality video services. Not any more!)

Arming You For Success,

PS I personally think that many of you are going to be shocked at the VALUE I’ve found with tools EVERY business owner in the world can use… yes, I said EVERY business owner in the world!

You can leave me a message in the comments if you’d like more information. My “Featured” page here on my blog gives a few more details as well, or you can contact me through my “Contact Kary” and we can arrange a time where I can answer any of your questions.

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