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Twitter and #FollowFridays: “What Has Happened?”

followfriday_yourusername_dark_t_shirt-p235588632815263364tmn7_210Have you noticed the Twitter craziness on Fridays? It’s fun and exciting, but also can be a lot to sort through… it’s too much!

For those of you that don’t know what this is all about… on Fridays people recommend people to follow. It’s about as simple as that…. but….

There are so many #FollowFriday recommendations that it is on the verge of being overwhelming…

In this short video I share my thoughts on how to simplify this activity and make it more meaningful to my followers.

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Twitter… Turning Tweets To *Gold*

twitter-logo-iconI’d like to start you with a quote…

The Law of Receptivity: The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. (The Go-Giver Book)

“Ya, so?” You may be saying to yourself.

Well, let’s really think about this for a moment. If you have the opportunity to lift someone up, help them out, give them kuddos… you are going to be very appealing in their eyes, aren’t you?

On Twitter there is a POWERFUL feature that many overlook using. I think they don’t think about using the RT (ReTweet) feature, because they are fearful of promoting someone else!

Have you noticed how much people self-promote? The spam? The link dropping? It’s crazy and rampant.

Do you want to stand out and look different in the crowd? Of course! Then do what most people won’t do… Give, help, support others… and it will come back to you 10 fold.

If you do it with the truest of intentions to GIVE WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS OF RECEIVING BACK… YOU WILL BE BLESSED.

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Wishing you all the best,

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How To Do A Personal *Video Message* On FACEBOOK (A Lesser-Known Strategy)

Are you someone that REALLY wants to make an immediate GOOD IMPRESSION and BUILD A NEW RELATIONSHIP when meeting someone new on FACEBOOK… especially through a person email message? Social Media is the fastest way to meet more people right now anywhere!

Take a look at this short video on how to do a *Video Message/Reply* (the right way) to someone on FACEBOOK.

Don’t overlook the HUGE tip at the end that will separate your video from the rest… if you apply what I teach you…

And make sure and look me up on FACEBOOK right after viewing and commenting on my video. I really appreciate you taking the time to come by my blog!

We’ll talk again real soon!

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*Key* Filtering Strategies On TweetDeck

tweetdeck_iphoneDo you find yourself lost in the eternal flow of messages flying by you on Twitter? I know for me it took months to get up the confidence to jump into the conversations. Once I found TweetDeck it all changed for me.

I found that I could do so many more things with TweetDeck that I couldn’t do on the main Twitter platform. I mostly wanted to be able to really know what people were saying and follow all of their threads without spending hours online waiting for their ‘Tweet’ to come by.

What do you want to know how to do?

Want to know how to ‘key’ into specific people and what their conversations are with their followers OR what others are saying about them? I’m going to show you two ways to easily do this that are simple and easy to do. This will make your Twitter experience a lot more fun!

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The SECRET* To Accepting Friends On Facebook

FBSo you see that someone has requested you as a friend on Facebook. “Oh goody, someone likes me!” you’re saying to yourself.

The first thing that is natural to do is want to click that ‘Confirm’ button right?

But DON’T!!

Say what?

Yes, DON’T… You want to do it correctly, don’t you? This is a time to stand out from the crowd. You’ll notice in the video that only 10% even do it the right way in requesting you as a friend.

Check out my short tutorial and you’ll see what I mean. Please also leave me a comment, thanks!

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Part 1: The 10 Vital Components for the Most Powerful Network Marketing Funnel on the Planet

CB008257Today we’re going to talk about something VERY important.  It’s something that can make or BREAK true success in your network marketing business.  And it has to do with a variety of factors. (Many of these notes are taken from a training put on by Jonathan Budd.)

First things first…you have to know yourself!  You have to know what mediums WORK WITH YOU to build a network marketing business.  You have to take into consideration the different pros and cons of the methods to build your business…and then pick the mediums that are most optimized for YOU to create success.

What I mean is this…

If you’re a SMOOTH talker, great at influence and persuasion, networking, and prospecting out of your warm market…then traditional network marketing tactics can work wonders.

If you know how to generate endless referrals from within your warm market, and you have no problem prospecting people who didn’t ask for what you have to offer, then you should be able to build a solid business using those traditional tactics.

But if you DON’T know how to generate endless leads from your warm market, and you don’t know how to prospect people who never asked for what you have to offer, then you NEED to learn the real science of marketing.

It’s just that simple.

So to take action steps closer to where you REALLY want to be you first have to figure out what MEDIUMS are most suited to your personality and how you want to build your business.

Once you have made a firm DECISION.  Either old school or new school or BOTH…you now start taking actions steps to get the exact INFORMATION you need to execute on building your business.

In-For-Mation.  It literally means “to put into form”, which is why it’s so important.  If you don’t know how to market, and you don’t know how to generate leads then you need to learn HOW before you can actually start doing it.

And once you have the right information…you can start performing the daily actions that actually lead to results.  You can sit down and focus so that your actions lead to PRODUCTIVITY and nothing else.

Make no mistake friend, if you’re NOT performing the actions that lead to what makes money in this business…you’re going to be treading water just trying to stay afloat.

But if you KNOW specific money making actions that you can sit down and systematically crank out day after day…it’s IMPOSSIBLE for you not to start creating results and success.

That’s why I LOVE Internet marketing.  That’s why I LOVE using technology to build my business.  Because I have these physical, in my hands techniques, that I can use on a daily basis to produce
real results for my business.

I’ve mastered the ability to drive an ENDLESS amount of traffic to any website I want, and turn that traffic into leads, distributors, and cash flow for my business.

And I have to tell ya, if you dedicate yourself to using technology to build your business there are more possibilities for rapid explosion than you can imagine.

Before we move on…KNOW yourself.  Figure out how YOU want to build your business.  Then take the actions steps you need to take on a daily basis to make it happen.

Now let’s move forward to learn the precise strategies I use on a daily basis that automatically generate me endless leads, distributors, and cash flow for my business.

What does it really mean to generate or attract an ENDLESS amount of leads or new prospects daily for your business? I see people plaster their “expertise” or “system” on this everywhere on the web? Is it true? Is it real or is it some weird scam?

The biggest challenge I see for marketers today, is how to find ENOUGH of the right, targeted audience to expose their opportunity, products, and services to. Unfortunately, people are still using archaic ways to “get the word out” about their businesses.

Leadership in today’s companies are still telling distributors and reps to make lists of hundreds of friends and family members who haven’t asked for information or shown an interest in it. And yes, a very small percentage does appreciate the information and does choose to join in the business partnership.

But many times this exciting time for a new associate is met with opposition, skepticism, and a lack of support, because these people are not the “right” people to talk to. Unfortunately again, many friends and family have no interest in changing their situation or thinking, and they don’t necessarily understand or support network marketing.

We are also told to go do trade shows and to have tables at fairs, festivals, and public events. Have you ever had any success with these? I sure never did! And I’ve done many! Even if I got names and numbers from drawings or raffle entries, they never converted into sales.

I waisted my time and my money and felt beaten and defeated afterwards. They really took the wind out of my sail (or shoule I say sale) and it was always hard to keep the energy up and to continue moving forward.

Oh, don’t forget about putting in those classified ads! Those ads had to be worded somewhat mysterious or vague to get people to call you, only to get hang-ups and people wanting to find a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), with no ambition to build something remarkable for themselves financially. And of course, there went more of my cash!

Did you ever get a wild hair and start cold calling people out of the phone book… like businesses? Business owners love when you do that don’t they? Of course not! They’re busy, they don’t know you from Adam, and it doesn’t work to do this either! What’s frustrating is that your product of service most likely would be an outstanding match for their business, if only you had the right, “magical” script to get them to see the big picture you had for them.

The list of these strategies and tactics could go on and on. They just don’t work for the effort and resourses one has to put forth to have even a slight chance of getting ahead.

I’m going to share the solution with you today. We are in a new era and time of technological breakthroughs in Web 2.0 Internet marketing. Now initially it may sound strange to be able to develop deep, meaningful relationships, but I beg to differ.

In a very short time, people can make hundreds, even thousands of new friends and come to know hundreds of people who have the same interests and entrepreneurial drive to succeed in business. Most are positive and supportive and a huge resource for cutting edge information to guide you to improve as a marketer and as a person.

As you develop these relationships, by adding value to their lives and business experiences, something profound and dynamic happens…

People become attracted to you for your leadership, knowledge, and mentor abilities. People begin calling you, wanting to now more about you… This typically doesn’t happen in the scenarios we mentioned above!

This new interest is NOT because you “sold” them on a product or service or used “slick” sales tactics to trick or corner them into investing their hard-earned money into a business that they really weren’t a match for. It’s because you were more interested in developing a relationship first… not make a quick buck!

Because of the incredible numbers of people on the Internet, the marketers who figure this out are going to stand out among a sea of people all self-promoting and screaming, “I’m the best! Join me!!” This SPAMing mentality is short-sighted and will turn and “bite” if provoked!

The art of generating these F*REE leads is being open to being trained on the strategies of this new platform and how to expose YOUR new learned leadership and marketing skills to the masses.

And if you’ve never experienced or even dreamed it possible… well, let me tell you, my friend, it is REAL and is possible for you! Invest in your skill and knowledge and you’ll be shocked at what you can accomplish.

The second piece of this puzzle is, “What do you do when people start flocking to you in LARGE numbers for more information?”

For example, my partner, Jonathan, generates between 110-330 brand new op-in leads per day! He can’t possibly call them all. (I know, what a problem to have!) And the last place he’d want to send them would be to a company replicated web site. So what next?

Next time we will move on to the information we’ve all been waiting for… Part 1: The 10 Vital Components for the Most Powerful Network Marketing Funnel on the Planet.

And I want to acknowledge my mentor and friend, Jonathan Budd for his incredible leadership and training on this journey that I’m on. Thanks for Empowering me!

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Seven ‘Lesser Known’ Strategies For Social Media

business teamLast year I had no idea what a social media site was. I heard people at work talk about MySpace this… and MySpace that… but I really had know clue what they were talking about.

Wow, how times have changed! My curiosity really got the better of me as I imagined millions of people meeting, connecting, and sharing ideas on the Web. As I started plugging in to the social media sites to get a taste of the ‘flavors’ out there, I started to notice one UGLY thing every where I went.

I’m sure you know what I’m about to share… Yes, people self promoting their links, opportunities, and products everywhere without any regard to getting to know me personally.

This is one area that most of the entrepreneurs on social media sites are not understanding. And this is why I’m sharing these ideas with you.

Now, they may achieve short term gains, but I truly feel they will miss on their long term goals with this style of marketing. Remember, what you do now will affect your reputation on the web… FOREVER!

And people REALLY like to talk a lot in Social Media Circles. Grab a pen and paper and keep these close by your computer…

1. If you want to stand out and be noticed, if you want people to be talking about you, then BE REMARKABLE, BE DIFFERENT, BE UNIQUE!!! Here are some questions you can ask yourself… How do I look? How do I sound? Do I have any catch phrases? What’s the flavor of my personality? Am I truly unique?

2. Be FUN!!! To attract people to you, you need to find funny things to share. People love stories. Tell them in your Tweets, posts, and updates. Some people may go as far as being a smart ass most of the time. It’s up to you.

3. Offer your expertise and knowledge to others. Be helpful. Everyone is looking for direction and help. Connect people to information they are seeking. Offer value and direction with your content.

4. Be supportive. Encourage people in their quest for FREEDOM… physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Did I leave any off? People want to be around positive thinking people who are going places, creating a future, and are fun to hang with.

5. Be controversial. Are you one of the sheep? Or are you going to do what most of the people say can’t be done and get off your tail and do something extraordinary? (This is good for me to hear, too.) Throw ideas out there that push the envelope. You’ll stand out as a person who thinks outside the box.

6. Be resourceful. Learn the new tricks to generate leads, meet new people, and maximize your time with the least amount of money coming out of your bank account. Remember the people and the relationships that you develop are part of this ‘resource list’ that you are creating for yourself. It is a huge asset that should not be taken for granted.

7. And finally… I think is the most important, DON’T SELL!!! Social media is one BIG PARTY! Don’t be the lame one at the party only talking about how you help people get rich! Have fun, mingle, create relationships, and when the time is right, invite people over to your pad (blog or website). Then they’ll begin to like and trust you for the value you have to offer them. I see it all the time… people will just want to be around you and do what you do. “People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy!”

Make sure and leave a comment and Tweet my post if you think people would benefit from these reminders. Thanks for coming by my ‘place’ to hang for a while. Message me to let me know where to find you, too. And you won’t want to miss my Advanced Strategies that are shared in my FREE 8-Day SOCIAL MEDIA MASTERY Video BOOTCAMP. Find Out How To BUILD Your VALUE Online.


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