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Social Media Marketing Impersonal?

chuck_norris_needThe other day I got to thinking about how ‘Impersonal’ social media sites, MLM company generated web sites, and most Internet pages are.

Now let me quickly clarify that these sites do allow for people to share information about their interests or about them and connect with people… but very few people utilize video in an affective way to begin the relationship-building process.

To do so on most sites you’d have to have someone click on your video post or link to get them to watch it, too.

So I started looking for a way to position myself (via video) in front of every person who accepts my invitation to visit my web sites; both social media focused or not.

To my surprise and joy, I found just that!

A System…

  • Where I could put my own video welcome and introduction on a pre-landing page to my site. This has allowed a way for my ‘new friends’ to see me, hear me, and get to know me better than they ever could have by just reading my profile or reading my copy.
  • Where I can give directions of where to go and what to do as they enter my site. This allows for me to request that they look at certain information, direct them, and make their visit more productive.
  • Where I can give them a call to action for subscribing to my newsletter, video series, or eZine. This is a tremendous benefit for them and me. They won’t miss an opportunity to subscribe to my valuable info, and I have the opportunity to obtain another subscriber.

And many MLM or Direct Sales companies don’t allow for the associates to present themselves in video OR get notified about people who want to request more information or followup from the person hosting the site. has met all of this criteria, and I’ve posted a few videos on how I’m using this tool and my results.

“Set yourself apart from the sea of people…

continue to do above and beyond what everyone else is doing and you’ll be massively successful.”

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

We’ll this video is short and to the point.

Just showing how my Subscriptions have really picked up since using Instant Capture Page Pro…

If you want to generate more of your own leads at sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, and be able to create a landing page over your company generated site, then you need to check this program out…

Remember if you’re building your list… You’re building a serious asset!

Join me also by subscribing over to the right where I have a tremendous amount of POWERFUL tips and marketing strategies all ready to be SENT TO YOU  for FREE!

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How To Do A Personal *Video Message* On FACEBOOK (A Lesser-Known Strategy)

Are you someone that REALLY wants to make an immediate GOOD IMPRESSION and BUILD A NEW RELATIONSHIP when meeting someone new on FACEBOOK… especially through a person email message? Social Media is the fastest way to meet more people right now anywhere!

Take a look at this short video on how to do a *Video Message/Reply* (the right way) to someone on FACEBOOK.

Don’t overlook the HUGE tip at the end that will separate your video from the rest… if you apply what I teach you…

And make sure and look me up on FACEBOOK right after viewing and commenting on my video. I really appreciate you taking the time to come by my blog!

We’ll talk again real soon!

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